Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Birthday Partay

We had Ian's birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I am a terrible mother, I am just now getting around to posting this. A few people have emailed me (cough cough, you know who you are) about posting about my kid more. I will get around to that, but right now all he does is these ridiculous funny faces, so every picture I have of him looks like he either tooted or he's picking his nose on purpose. 

We had a theme birthday, I mean up until your Sweet 16, all kids birthdays are themed. After that its, pray to baby Jesus to be 21 so you can get plastered legally. Oh, the things some kids think about. The nerve. Oh, wait that was me way back when. I had my days of drinky winkies, but now, not so much. Wine every now and then, I like a good Sangria, but I don't like the hangover the next day. I am a total light weight and proud of it. I drifted.

So his birthday invitation said, Your Invited to Ian's Winter Olympics Birthday. Poor kid, born in February. I couldn't have gone into heat any other time to have him in the summer so he could have a swimming party or pony rides. Nope, I had to pop him out in the dead of winter full of snot and viruses galore.

Let me say this, making small children on command do certain tasks is fun. Kids will do anything for candy. It's like a bad game of Simon Says. Dusty says, "stand on your head and fart the star spangle banner" and if you have 3 Hershey kisses, 5 blow pops and some Twizzlers, putty in your hands. So, we had sack races, pin the tail on the donkey in which I spun them around like tops, the duck walk which all these kids cheated at, marshmallow toss which was hilarious; flying marshmallows, and pinata bust. The pinata was hilarious. "Duh" held the rope and moved it up and down. These kids swung like they were hitting in the major league. After a few spins around (yes, lots of dizziness but that what was fun...FOR ME). Whack! After about 20 minutes the box broke and $60 dollars worth of candy. No that's not an exaggeration. $60 smacks, these kids grabbed their buckets like ants crawling towards a bread crumb. 

I made homemade chilly because it was well, chilly, hot dogs and birthday cake. It really was fun. I was totally satisfied being Simon. Seven kids listening to my every word, all for candy in a box. I can't even get my family to clean up their mess much less quack and walk like ducks.

 here is my little crew
that's my kid in yellow with the funny face, proud mom I am
birthday boy
the marshmallow toss
this was the highlight 
Ian and my oldest nephew won both rounds 
sack race
I think she was the only one who stood up
they all fell on their faces...fantastic
bye bye pinata
yes, he's a baseball player, can you tell
my youngest nephew Turner finished off the pinata
I was running and taking cover
he clobbered it but I didn't get a picture (sad face)
marshmallow champs
Wes and Ian
adults in on the candy action
and finally my favorite picture
look what I got, socks and underwear
room is full of kids and adults and he opens a pack of boxers..LOVE IT!

So you saw just a snippet. My camera which I got for Christmas and still have yet to figure out was set on some setting I obviously was too stupid to change. Oh, well, I had fun and thank you to everyone who came, the gifts and for letting me control your children's minds if only for an hour.

Tuesday fun,


  1. his party looks like a blast dusty!!! We used to do an egg toss on easter with REAL eggs, not hardboiled haha

  2. Aw, I feel you on feeling pain that your boy has a winter bday. My boy's bday is 4 days from xmas, bummer time to have a party!

    Curious about why you do/don't post more on the kiddo! Lol. Mine HATES being on my blog. I'm basically not even allowed to take pictures of him unless I promise not to put them on the blog! haha. Boys. And Preteens. Mygawd.

  3. This is a sweet post. Posts like these make me so excited to have kids. I can't wait to celebrate little birthdays and see how excited they are for the big day. Thanks for the fun post!

    new follower :)

  4. I may have to have a party like this sometime.. Lyla was born in December so I feel ya on the crappy party thing.. But this looks pretty awesome.

  5. This looks like an amazing party! My little one is only 8 months and I'm already starting to plan - I hope it's as fun as this one looks.

  6. I love this theme! Pinatas were my favorite as a kid :)

  7. I will tell you a handful of things.

    You're the funniest human, ever. You make me choke I laugh so hard. If you never hear from me again, it's proabably cuz I died from choking/laughing. Whoa. JK. I'm an ass.

    I was reading birthday cards from my past life and my friend signed my 19th birthday card with, "ONLY TWO MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!" I seriously cannot understand how I ended up with a drinking "problem" those "" were used so damn loosely.

    "They all fell on their faces, fantastic." I love you more then all of my family members combined.