Monday, February 27, 2012

Ok, fluffy time to get down to business

I made a few New Years resolutions which I never do. Why? Because I never follow threw. I make them, follow them for a while and then think, I am on this and then done. Since turning 40 last year, I have thought about getting in some part of "shape". I ain't no spring chicken and  I want to be able to feel and look good. You know that part of when Ian has over his friends and they go, "your mom's hot" and he is riddled with embarrassment. Last year I lost a ton of weight. Not that I needed to. Really only about 10 pounds, but it turned into about 20. I have put back about 8. But because I am dumpy, it really shows in my thighs and fluffy. 

So fluffy and I have had many talks. But apparently talking to your bum does nothing. What she is saying is get off of it. Well, its hard because my son has baseball this spring which means practice and games and then homework etc. You know the same excuses most women make. I don't have time. But I am so serious about this now. Summer is coming and I want to go to the beach in a bikini all though even if I lose the weight or get in shape I may still sport a tankini. Hey, a girl still has insecurities. 

So, I sat down Sunday devised a workout plan. My sister and I bought the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis DVDs. We went on line took the survey and low and behold it told us both that our plan was for Glutecentric which means we got back in a nice way. The work out is devised to target those areas that seem to be a little chunky in the monkey. But because I tend to get bored, I am mixing it up. I am starting out slow because its been about 7 years since I have been to the gym. Note to self, teach son how to dial 911. I have 5 workout plans each day something different. It consists of a little hodge podge of things I mixed from researching Pinterest and knowing what types of exercises I like to do. I also bought a timer at the grocery. That way it the bell dings, moma is done. Plus, I needed it, I put crap in the oven and check it every 10 minutes because I forget to set the timer on the oven and have no clue what time I put something in. You know multi-purpose. 

Also, when I was going to the gym, you know way back when, I took a class where it was a mixture of step and kick boxing and I loved it. I really felt it in my butt and thighs, so fluffy is going to feel the burn whether she likes it or not. 

I am going to take it slow starting off with some jumping rope, jumping jacks, squats, and crunches. But every day is going to be something different including Zumba and walking. If I do not look like a cracker by June, I may flex out like the Hulk. 

Here are some of my ideas. I am taping my schedule to the refrigerator and keeping a journal. I also bought some healthy snacks and more fruit. But listen, I ain't givin' up my Mt. Dews just yet or thy peanut butter, so work with me here won'tcha?

I saw LeAnn's workout in Shape magazine a long while back and have kept the pages torn out. So, thinking, oh what the heck, I will tweet her and ask if she still does her boxing regimen because you never know if this is real or just some BS Hollywood crap for a magazine and she tweeted me back with @DustyAlley Boxing is THE BEST. So cool right? And it seems she's still boxing. Twitter feed lately is of her workouts. I hope she still posts her updates, so I can have ideas.

This is the workout with the jumping jacks, squats, push ups, crunches etc. I am mixing it up a bit and throwing in some jump rope and some 3 pound weight lifting for arms, but I think this will really be beneficial to me.

So combine this with some walking to enjoy the fresh air, Zumba to dance my booty off and the Tracy Butt method. Look out hospital ER here I come and the wait time better be less than 9 minutes.

I would love to hear your fitness routines. Fill me in or tell me what you think would be beneficial.

Happy Monday,


  1. I think you look amazing Dusty but I know we are all our worst critics. I have been trying to change up my workouts to keep me interested...zumba, walks outside, yoga classes and I recently got my bike from college out of storage, I need to pump up the tires so I can ride the wind!

    1. That's perfect my friend.. A bike! Ian got a new one for Christmas and I could ride with him!!!

  2. I think you're going about it in the best way! And you hopefully won't get bored :) If you really like step kickboxing type workouts you should check out TurboFire by Chalene Johnson from It's a DVD program with a bunch of different workouts. They're fun, set to fun music, and the workouts are all under an hour, but they burn major calories!

  3. You are not 40, SHUT UP!! You look great, Dusty. Serious. Two months in and I caved on my resolutions. I gotta get back at it. I was working out 5-7 days a week, had a trainer and super intense diet. I can't believe I survived 2 months. And now that I am lagging, I feel like crap. Can't wait to read about your progress.

  4. I need motivation to start working out too!

  5. Oh my gross, I hate working out. So much. But I love when other people get into it, and make me think that MAYBE.. MAYBE i could.

    I am going to be on the beach for a week straight next month. I really just don't care. is that sad or what?

    Single for life.

    lots of love, your bff.

  6. Ugh, I've put on 7 lbs since the new year. :( I have to get on this health trip too. Dammit. Jillian Michael, all the way. I have her 30 Day Shred and it's slam bam, 20 minutes of circuit, thank you mam, you're done. Totally doable. But I gotta do it. Keep us updated! I need motivation.

  7. I love Claudia Schiffer work out dvd's but they are old school and don't come in only vhs. I still do them! And if you ever come across a body sculpt class, do it! So fun and works on toning you which I love.