Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hey Homeslice

You have heard me talk about our remodeling/redecorating our house. We don't live in a huge house. We went from 3,000 square feet to 1,200 square feet when the economy tanked. I miss having a big house, but I also love cozy spaces. I love the look of coastal homes. I don't necessarily mean the beach, I mean the rustic homes up north - Cape Code cottages, Kennebunkport, Maine cabins, and old farmhouses. I dream of one day having a lake house but until then, my little home here on a street filled with speeding cars and asphalt will have to do. We have accomplished one element and that is our hallway. With little fingers, the walls in our house are always getting washed down. So a fresh coat of paint was in order. Once the decor is up, I will post a picture. Right now I am looking for an old row boat oar for a DIY project. Here are a few ideas I am toying with for different elements of each room and a fantastic find.

I am obsessed with having a farmhouse sink. It will happen in my lifetime. Our kitchen is a cream color with a whitewash stain. I would love this little addition. I just have to figure out how it would work.

Next on my list is a bench. I have a rustic table similar to this one and 4 chairs. We love company and when we have people over for dinner, I have to drag out two chairs from the spare rooms. This is on my antiquing list for this summer. 

I have a thing with paisley. I think its the boho girl in me. We have a rustic coach, love seat and chair with ottoman with these wonderful vintage iron nail heads in a scroll on the arms, but after having these for 6 years, flying boys, and animals, they are in need of a redo. I have decided to keep the base of these pieces the same and recover and restuff the cushions. I found this fabric pattern and hopefully with those sewing lessons I am taking from my mom, by Fall hopefully we will be fluffed up.

I love this LOVE photograph. I found it on another blog, researched where it was sold and then about crapped my pants when I found out how much it was. I wanted to write the site and say, "honey bunnies, I am sure this is a top selling item, in rich land, but this girl is a design on a dime kind of girl." So, I have an idea on how to make this myself and it doesn't cost $150 smackers.

Finally, my fantastic find. My splurge vs. steal. I pinned this duvet from the Pottery Barn sight back at Christmas and it has been repinned like Eeyore the donkey's tail. While in Kmart (you know the place I got my fantab clogs), I came across this marked down to $14.99 and swiped it up.

Here is the one from Pottery Barn no longer available but I am sure probably in the $200 range for the set.

And here is my steal from Kmart. Although not exact, it still is a great find. And it looks so yummy on my bed. Our bedroom is a deep chocolate brown. I am going to mix it with the teal blue and some throw pillows maybe in burlap.

So that's my ideas so far for my little cottage redo. Have you been thinking about your own home? Maybe its spring fever, maybe its just needing a new look, but I am so loving the home ideas.

Happy Wednesday friends!


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  1. love these ideas - especially that rustic table and the paisely :) I cannot wait to see how it all turns out for you!

  2. love the bench with a rustic table! I know they have really cheap ones at Ikea you can paint and make your own :)

  3. Nice! I've always wanted a farm sink in my kitchen too!! We have the same style it seems :) Thanks for linking up with us at the Find Some Love Fest!!

    All The Love In The Universe

  4. I need you to come convince Adam that we need to redecorate and that he needs to pay you to do it

  5. Love your ideas! We had so much fun with the Find Some Love Fest! So happy to connect with other amazing bloggers.
    We are following you and we'd love for you to visit our blog.
    Have a great day!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. I have a farm sink in my kitchen!! I will have to share photos with you of the before and after of my house that I remodeled from a shack 1,000 feet to over 3,000 feet so much fun!!

  7. check out my "home is where the heart is" and "heres to you 2010" in my past blogs to see my new kicthen and the remodel! Everything is possible!!!

  8. I truly love all of these ideas! Benches always look so charming, I would love to have one too someday. Props to you on taking sewing lessons from your mom, I need to do the same!

  9. I loooove the farmhouse sinks! I love the name of your blog too. I hate to say this but I did a whole post on my blog about how much I love pickles and Ive never had them fried *GASP!!!* Definitely on my must try list.

    Stopping by from Find Some Love Fest. I would love it if you would stop by and give us a visit!!

    Have a great weekend!! :)