Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Believe

Today, I am forgoing my usual Two Cents Thursday post and linking up with Anna at A Sweet Southern Mess. She is a doll baby! Love her! The linky party is called A Beautiful Day to Believe. I love this because the one word journey thing is going around and although I didn’t join in the fun, I have commented on some blogs with this word. “Believe” is a word I always come back to. It will be tattooed on my wrist before the summer is up. It’s the one thing that I have told myself over and over. You just have to “believe” and everything will be the way it should be. But here are a few other things I believe.

I believe in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy. What you don’t? Why not? Let’s take this outside right now! (I am a mommy I have to believe in those things and its fun).

I believe every female at birth should be issued a full length mirror. There will be a time in your life where momma can’t look at you and say, “you aren’t leaving the house looking like that.” Seriously, birth, name engraved and carry it with you for life.

I believe in girl power. Am I a feminist? No way. Why in the world would I wish I had a penis and boobs? And, I can’t burn my bra because I can’t afford anymore, but I do believe that women should build each other up, not tear each other down.

I believe in Owning It. If you screw up, own it. Admit mistakes, say you did it, I am sorry and move on. The only time I disagree with owning it, is when you attack someone’s character. If you result to name calling and you’re supposed to be friends, then you cross a line. Friends fight, but not with ugly names.

I believe in hugs and kisses.

I believe in Karma..100 percent!

I believe in love and the power of it- bad and good.

I believe I probably won’t like my son’s girlfriends when he gets older. What? Don’t set there and say you will support all his decisions etc. I didn’t say I wouldn’t, I just have this mentality right now that, he’s mine. I have marked my territory; pee’d on it, did the dog burn out and covered him up. Of course, he is only 7, I got time to mellow out.

I believe in Preparation H and Tucks pads.. if you’ve read my blog last week you will know why. This may be only a temporary belief.

And finally, I believe in life. The right to chose it, the Heavens above and what all it throws at me. I believe we are put here for a reason, but what we do with our life is of our own choices. Is there fate? Is there destiny? I don’t know. I just know that at this moment I have what I need (with the exception of Hunter boots). I was given a gift, my son. I just have to believe that his future will be full of happiness and love and whatever comes on this ride, I will see through his eyes.

Happy Thursday Friends, Link up,

A Sweet Southern Mess


  1. I love it all! :)

  2. I pretty much believe everything you believe :) I seriously love this post! I like what you said about 'owning it'. Sometimes it's really really hard to admit you're wrong (even when you know you are) but when you do... or I do anyway... I feel a million times better.

    Thanks Dusty :)

  3. I believe you're my bff, so I'm just gonna tell you that whatever the hell you believe in, I do too.

    Except uhm.. I don't have kids so you're on your own withe the mythical seasonal creatures.

  4. I don't think I'm going to like my son's girlfriends either...

  5. I am kinda obsessed with this post :) I definitely believe in the power of love!

  6. Love this!!! I'm terrified of girlfriends for my boys. Also terrified of having teenage daughters. If only we could just skip the ages of 15-the end of 17... please?