Friday, March 2, 2012

Conversation with Dusty

Hello, Friday, I heart you, forever. I wish I had a trapper keeper and I would write it on there with a big heart around it. I have a few things I wanted to post on this day, but instead I thought I would share some funnies for the weekend. 

So, don't think I am a whackadoodle, but I have been obsessed ever since I saw the picture of Whitney Houston in her casket. Has anyone seen it? National Enquirer posted this picture of her that someone took. First, yeah, it's not nice but curiosity killed this cat and I totally looked. I wasn't wigged out by the thought of her lying there. I focused in on her hair. I know, really Dusty? Yes, I am so pissed off. I mean she was kind of like Elvis. I thought I would see her all fluffed up with a white jumpsuit and cape instead her hair is swirled up like what us crackers would call a french knot and she's got on a purple Barney dress. So, to validate my craziness I enlisted a few of my friends in the conversation. Here's how it played out.

Conversation #1 with Becca who knows me probably better than anyone, so believe me this doesn't surprise her when I ask questions like this. Plus, she is one of the calmest people I know. She sometimes looks at me like I have four heads and most of our conversations usually end with her saying "you ain't right."

Me: Have you seen the picture of Whitney in her casket?
B: Yes
Me: Did you see her hair? It's awful.
B: You not a fan of the bee hive?
Me: No, who would do her hair like that? I am going to ask my cousin Rachel. She knows everything about celebrities even down to Brad Pitt's birthday.
B: What's wrong with knowing celebrities birthday's? Jon Bon Jovi's birthday is coming up.
Me: I know he shares the same birthday with someone else I know. 

End of conversation. Total fail. Happy Birthday Becca. I love you so much! Today is her birthday. She and Jon Bon Jovi.

Conversation #2 with Wendy. My wonderful friend who drifts as much as I do. But she to understands my sense of humor. And starts a conversation when she calls you on the phone exactly where you left off from text.

Me: Did you see the picture of Whitney in her casket?
W: No, I only saw seen of scenes.
Me: What the f..k is a scene?
W: Of her in the bathtub.
Me: Well, I will send it too you.  I couldn't send from my phone but she ended up finding it. (2 hours later the phone rings..remember what I said in the opening sentence)
W: So, yes. I saw it. She looks awful. 
Me: Who would do her hair like that?
W: Well, this is what they did. (Being a hairstylist starts describing how they styled it)
Me: I don't give a rats ass how they styled it hun, who authorized that hair style?
W: Have you got your motor running? 
Me: Where are you at?
W: At home talking to Harley.
End of conversation, that ended with her talking to her cat. Total Fail.

Conversation #3 with my cousin Rachel. Rachel is full of useless knowledge. She is just as enthralled with celebrity smut as I am. She to understands my conversations. We have them often. We are cousins and best friends. She also has 3 children. Saint she is. 

Me: Have you seen the picture of Whitney in her casket from the National Enquirer?
R: The only one I saw was from the National Enquirer.
Me: Duh, Yes, that's it.
R: You know Bobby Brown took that picture.
Me: I don't care about who took it. Did you see her hair?
R: Yeah, its kind of 50's looking.
Me: Who would do her hair like that?
R: Well, I think she has someone that always did her hair.
Me: But why would they make her look like one of the Supreme's? (insert lots of laughter)
R: Uh, yeah. I don't know.
Me: I think they should go dig her up and redo her hair. She should look like a superstar. Call someone to come and give her some beachy waves then put her back.
R: Uh, yeah. Did you see that interview with Lindsey Lohan?
Me: No, she's a puffer.
R: Oh, girl you should look it up. They want her to play Elizabeth Taylor in a movie.
Me: I will have to look it up. 
R: You need to look it up. Don't forget tornado's tomorrow on Dr. Seuss's Day. 
Me: Yeah, Ian has to wear pajamas. 
R: Yes, well, I gotta go beat my children now. 
Me: Okay, love you.
R: Love you too.

Conversation ended. Total fail. Although we did agree she needed a different hairstyle and there was a long silence when I said she needed to be dug up and her hair redone. Oh, well, this will just have to be something for the record books because I got no where. But they understood because it came from me.

And finally, for Shaylynn. I heard yesterday Snooki was pregnant. After reading Shay's blog yesterday and snorting out loud. I decided to share my favorite Snooki moment.

So if anyone is wondering, I think the baby daddy is a tree. Seriously, when the kid is 2 he will be taller than she is right now. 

Thus ends conversation with Dusty. I hope everyone has wonderful weekend. 



  1. hahah okay now I am so tempted to google whitney houston in her casket!!!

  2. Dusty. OMG, she in an ompa loompa & a tree hugger if I've ever seen one. Blog shout outs are the strangest thing, you almost feel famous, ah to hell with it I totally feel famous.

    You should have called me. Your number four conversation would have gone like this.

    D: Did you see the pic of Whitney Houston in her casket?
    S: Why the hell is Whitney Houston laying in a casket?
    D: You idiot, she died.
    S: When the F*** did this happen?
    D: Like two weeks ago. Are you still living under that rock?
    S: No, but I did some ladies hair for her funeral the other day, in a big ass bun. I think she haunts me now.
    D: You're an idiot.
    S: So long as we're in it together, BFF.

  3. oh my gosh! I saw the picture. I'm with you - awful. :) Did you see last night's Jersey Shore? I hate that I HAVE to watch it.

  4. I haven't seen it, I don't think I want to! Sad to know she didnt have a good do on her way out.

  5. Dusty you are hilarious. I laughed a lot while reading this. Your cousin sounds hilarious.

  6. 1. This. Was. Fantastic.

    2. I immediately googled Whitney in casket.

    3. I agree. Whitney's hair = epic fail.

    4. Found you on Follow Friday. New Follower :)


  7. I am just coming back to tell you that I have laughed at "our" conversation like all day.

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    Hope to see you there! Thanks!