Monday, March 26, 2012

My Day with Barbara Wa Wa

At the end of 2011, Barbara Walters always does her special of the 10 Most Fascinating People. The famous who have made an impact on the world or are just plain intriguing. Because her special is compiled into two hours, there is lost footage of people that didn't make the cut. And wouldn't you know it, I am one of those people. I thought I would share my interview with all of you. You know because I'm Not Famous...Yet.

It begins with her introduction of me and where it all began........

Born in Kansas, Dusty was a little bit. Her mother and father traveled across the country in a Ford Falcon in 110 degree heat to Tennessee and settled in Carthage. She was an adorable child with curly brown hair and baby blue eyes. Her mother knew from the start she probably wouldn't be famous.

Babs: You grew up in a small town. Where you popular in school? Did you make good grades? When did it click with you had the special gift of the ordinary?
Me: My town was put on the map because our former Vice President Al Gore resided there.   The shoe store where we bought clothes changed their name to the Al Gore store. That was pretty exciting. For me, I was a quiet child. I once won the county 4-H contest with my poster of the clover that represented the 4-H symbol. It involved alot of glitter. My grades were average. I often felt like I was a genious, so I didn't put too much effort into school. I think I was 57th in my graduating class. Pretty awesome huh? I remember it was just one of the days of the week, when it clicked that I was just ordinary. Pretty life changing. I thought to myself, gosh to be just like any other person is pretty spectacular.

Me: Oh, my look at that picture. I think I was in 2nd grade. That's when the pealed onion hair look was popular. That's when your mom didn't have time to comb your hair, so she she slicked it back into barrettes. And look, white eyelet.I was such a trend setter then. And now its back in style. I should add style icon to my list of accolades. 

Babs: Growing up you had a brother and sister with you being the oldest. Where you always the center of attention? 
Me: Oh, my goodness, no. As you can see here I am in the center. I was so shy. I did my best to steer clear of the camera. My sister was adorable and so vocal. She bawled until the age of three. We didn't know what color her eyes were for the longest time. And my brother was the favorite I am sure and you can tell here he loved his sisters so much. I was pretty talented though. I learned to play the piano, sort of. I remember at my piano recital and I heard all the applause after I played "From a Wigwam." That song still gives me chills to this day and I could have went on to put out a an album, "Chopsticks", but I liked being just ordinary.   

Babs: Here you are far right. As you got older you entered a few pageants. Did that give you confidence?
Me: Being a Tater Queen was just a platform for greater things to come. I remember thinking in this moment how I wished I was at the local dam drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and hanging with my friends. That was a great influence for other girls everywhere. I was very passionate about fixing all the potholes in the county. A great platform for the future politicians to come.

Babs: So now that you are older and have a family, what is like being so ordinary. Can you just go hang out, shop, be with your friends without being noticed? 
Me: Well, sometimes its hard. 
Babs: Dusty asked us not to show her home. It has a pool in the back yard and fears that all the neighborhood kids want will want to come and hang out then, she would have to expose her private life to other neighbors and become friends.
Me: I mean going to Wal-mart is surreal. If you walk in with your sunglasses on, then the door greeter either thinks your going to rob the place or wants your autograph. The last three weeks after the tornado, we have had about 10 people stop by our house to give us estimates on hail damage. I am pretty sure that's a cover up and they know how ordinary I am and just want my money. Sometimes we have to go incognito when we go out. 

Me: Here we are pretending to be from the Wild West. It's just what we have to do to survive in the ordinary world of the paparazzi. 

Babs: So, as we end this interview, where do you see yourself? I mean being so famously ordinary has to be hard. People will surely want your plain life and will probably continue to be not interested in everything you do. How do you just be normal?
Me: We survive with a lot of laughter. What I have is extra ordinary. We are full love. I just have to give into being so poplar in an ordinary world and be me. I have the greatest family and friends and just because I drive a Honda and shop at fancy places like JC Penney's doesn't make me any different. 

I hope all of my fans have an ordinary day. I am sure Babs would gladly give the transcripts away for this interview for free, bitch didn't even ask for my autograph.

Happy Monday,


  1. uhm...what am i going to do with you now? this whole time i saw you as "the girl next door" who loved fried pickles. and now, well, i'm star-struck and tongue-tied. what was destined for a lasting relationship between us will only leave you questioning if i'm your friend because of your fame. and riches.

    i guess we better end it now. before either of us get hurt.

  2. Babs? A question from the audience for Dusty? Being a former Miss Tater Queen, if you ever have a baby girl some day you think you'll let her do pagents? can be a pagent mom! :)

  3. Oh you crack me up!! I love the 'Babs' bahaha. Tater queen! I'm so jealous. Awesome photos too!

  4. hahahaa I heart you Dusty! Make sure to give a shout out to all your little people out there :-) ps al gore store...HAHAH

  5. peeled onion hair dusty?
    i kind of like you. i'll share cupcakes with you and the fluffster.
    xx jes

  6. LOL, I love it! Babs sure hit you with some tough ones!

  7. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!!

  8. "Her mother knew from the start she probably wouldn't be famous..." I covered my mouth laughing.. gotta read more.. P.S. Twiggy is such a smart ass.

    You are totally ridiculous, how in the hell did you come up with this idea.. you are off the wall hilarious.

  9. holy smokes lady you make my day! you were such an adorable child, and i am obsessed with your wild west pic. thanks for gracing us with an interview :)

  10. love looking at older pictures!