Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two Cents Thursdays

Thursday! Thursday! Thursday! I am thinking if I say it enough time will pass and it will be Friday. Okay, one more day won't kill me I guess. Here is my two cents for this week. Actually a rather calm week but still I have a few things to speak about.

- You read me rant and rave about naked pregnant chicks all week, now I see a picture of Carrie Underwood and her new album cover. I want to say that I demand to see her legs in person. I want to make sure that there is not one ounce of photo editing anywhere in that picture and that her legs really look like that. If so, she just insulted every female in the universe who don't have the time to pay someone to make her legs look like perfect specimens.  I personally love her music, but I just don't think its fair to have both. Choose one or the other, so I know your human.

- Why my sister and my bloggy friend Jenn can get a banging hot new short hair cut that requires nothing but them moving their heads back and forth for sexy effect and if I got the same hair cut,  I would look like a pumpkin head.

- Why the person that I lay my head down to every night seems to think the that his dirty laundry resides on the floor. It's not hard. Right out side our bedroom, honey, is a closet that houses a hamper. You know, white with wheels, and it holds an abundance of clothing which alerts me to do the laundry. Do I need to Map Quest it for you?

- I kid you not I received an email from a marketing representative saying thank you for mentioning their product Preparation H in one of my blogs. Also,mentioned that they would be happy to send me any other material in the future. I wanted to respond and so no dude, THANK YOU! Wouldn't you hate to be the person that asks where they work? Yes, I provide the marketing for an product that brings special relief to those with anal seepage problems.

- I wanted to make a link for my Insta.gram but forgot my address and password. I am surely hoping to remember it sometime soon.

- My son thinks that Suri on my iPhone is a real person. He asked her where our bathroom was in our house. She responded with, "there are no public toilets located in your area."

- And finally, I had an ah ha moment. I believe that the reason men open the door for you to walk in and out of a building or motion for you to get off the elevator first is because they want to look at your ass. 

Happy Thursday friends. What's your two cents this week? Are you pondering anything good?

Big ole Thursday lovin',


  1. You are absolutely HILARIOUS! Happy Thursday!

  2. - I wanted to make a link for my Insta.gram but forgot my address and password. I am surely hoping to remember it sometime soon... looking at your ass.. an ahah moment.

    Oh Dusty, I have had a not so great past few hours, and I got into my blog feed and thought, tell me Dusty blogged. And you did, and I smiled, and laughed, and felt at peace with me super easy life that I just couldn't control for a half a second there.

    Look at you being an amazing friend without even trying.

    Carrie Underwoods legs are the worst. I want them. But I don't want to be here, did you see Soul Surfer? my hell, it was porn star acting. Not that i've ever seen a porno. Her cover picture actually made me laugh, I said she looked like a drama queen to my friend when i saw it.

    1. Twiggy has been pretty good to me about my horrible proof reading skills.

      I just re read this comment of mine. oh my crap. But I probably won't change my ways.

  3. You are so funny! Seriously cracking up right now.

  4. You're too funny!! Must be a guy thing.. my husband couldn't put clothes in the hamper if I grabbed his hands and guided him to it!!

  5. Dusty you kill me. I can't believe prep H emailed you, that must mean you're famous.. Also Carrie Underwood can't be that hot, because it's totally unfair. I don't mind if a man looks at my ass, I've always been told I have no ass, so I take it as a compliment. I would probably get a little giddy if that were true :) !

  6. Hahahha, do you need to Map Quest it for him! LOL Killin me girl, killin me.

  7. so please tell me you saw Jessica Simpson on Ellen this week? I DVR everyday and WOW she must be 12 months prego!

  8. Definitely agree about the men holding the doors... or letting gals out of the elevator first! Love that your son thinks Suri is a real person - too funny!!!

  9. I totally feel you on that whole dirty laundry thing. And while they're at it why can't they take their socks off without turning them inside out?? Gah.

  10. So funny. You seriously kill me.

  11. Shay said I needed to read your blog, so here I am, thinking she was definitely right. Hilarious. Love your stuff, Dusty. Anyone who puts a picture of their Mars mug shot on their blog is totally awesome in my book. Period.