Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Honor Thy Mother

Thy mother took thy daughter shopping. On a budget of $130 smacks these are the wondermous things I picked out. I can't say purchased, so lets say, I put up on the counter. Plus, I am pretty sure she felt sorry for me. I think she saw my drawings from last week and decided to get me a few non frump girl items. 

my loot
two adorable peasant tops
pair of sunglasses in which I am sure I look like an alien 
and a hat
I am not complete without a hat

these little beauties are cotton and comfy for summer sweat stinking days

a pair of black capris
the perfect trouser jeans
I have been yearning for a pair of trouser jeans but feel like they make me look
like a chunk a lunk
these fit just right for fluffy (or the mirror lied)

All this at JCP. Everyone always says, oh, JCP is old people clothes. No they don't, does this look like blue hair material? No. And why would I complain? It was free. Thanks Mom you rock!

Been shopping lately? 



  1. I love shopping with my Mom. I always come home with lots o bags and my wallet is still full! Love the tops! The look cute and comfy..which I think is the most important piece of fashion advice there is! LOL

  2. oh my goodness! too adorable!!
    no, i have not been shopping lately... :( but, now you got me in the mood...might just have to do some shopping this weekend. ;) hope your haveing a wondermous wednesday!


  3. alien sunglasses make everything better and the world a better place. though, i doubt you look like an alien in them.
    xx jes

  4. The year before last year my mom gave me 150 for Mothers Day to buy myself clothes.. Pretty exciting. I love those peasant tops.

  5. mom's are just the best! i always love when my mom buys me random things for no reason other than she loves me. cute stuff.. now i want to spring shop!

  6. Total Scores! I love love a momma sponsored shopping trip.. my moms is always treating me too. Good mamma you have.

    Now go put on the new clothes, snap a pic, and show us! :P

  7. Remember how we're friggin' hat soul mates.


    I am not telling you how much money I spent yesterday, perhaps because you stick to a budget you should be my money adviser? Pray about it Dusty, and get back to me.

    you know I love you more then I love fried chicken.

    Name the movie, name it.

  8. so, i came to visit your blog. shaylynn from red lipstick and melodis sent me (the girl who commented right above me). i'm sure you know her, she's hard to go unnoticed.

    she said, "just read one" and if you aren't hooked, i'd be shocked.

    well, she was right.

  9. Lucky you. Sounds like a good deal if you didn't have to pay :) I love the tops, they are so perfect for summer days!!


  10. shopping with my mom is the best when she's in a good mood and generous mood! i normally have to pay for everything, so its super nice when she offers to buy me clothes :)

    you picked out some really cute things! i love the blue shirt

  11. LOVE IT!! My mom took me out this week too. Rephrase, she went to the bank and put money in my account so I could take me and the baby girl out. Old Navy had a killer sale and I am proudly pretty 'n pink.
    You got some darling items, my dear. Loving the hat and glasses.

  12. Love all your choices - you have a cute style, girl! and way to get it all for not too much $$!

  13. how nice of your mama! i never go to JCP maybe i need to start!

  14. Cute tops!! Loving your style hun. So nice of your mama :)