Friday, April 6, 2012

Favorite Easter Memory

Easter is Sunday. I know another Easter post, but I couldn't post the same day as I did the evil Peeps on Monday. Somehow it would be tainted with the thought of my favorite memory and a marshmallow beast. So I will leave you with a great story. 

"Easter time's a time for eggs and a time for eggs is Easter time." My Mee Ma would say that to us as kids. Easter has always been a favorite in our family. My grandparents loved at one time having all of us around, eating, drinking and hunting eggs. Let me sorta clarify. My grandparents were sorta Catholic. By that I mean, born and raised but they let loose when a holiday came around. So there wasn't ever a shortage of a little wine or George Dickel at our family gatherings. My family, as you have heard me speak, are free spirits. By that I mean total whackjobs. I come from a long line of craziness. Snap! But its okay because I have come to grips with it all. It's like when all of the grandchildren were born and our parents took us for our milestone check ups the doctor said, "yes, we estimate that she will be a short stumpy kid, will inherit your fluffy and be a potty mouth." Our parents left feeling proud I am sure. My mom I just know called our next door neighbor and said, "my little Dusty is growing up so fast, they predict she will say the "F" word by age 4." Moma was a bragger. 

So back to my favorite Easter memory. My Mee Ma is a pistol. She's still alive and feisty.  Pee Pa (don't you just love the names we give our grandparents in the South) was one of 10 children and Mee Ma one of 11, so to say they were sorta Catholic fits. Lunch must have been fun for my great grandparents. Anyway, it was nothing for us to set around a table, play cards, drink a little drink and discuss anything and everything. Most of the conversations in our family either came back around to perverted elements about yum yum or poop. And all of this takes place in the kitchen of course. 

So one Easter Sunday many years ago, we were setting around the table and Mee Ma and the girls where talking about men. She then proceeded to get on this kick about getting all down to business you know wink, wink bonk chicka wow wow. She wasn't afraid to get in these conversations. I look up at her kind of like well this is weird my 60 something grandmother is talking about intercourse. Any hoot, I look at her and say, "Mee Ma, it's Easter, I don't think we are supposed to talk about sex. She looked us all square in the eye and said, "Honey even Jesus rose!" Stunned we all sat there and then burst into hysterical laughter. But that's my grandmother. So see, this is where I get it from. She's a total whackadoodle and probably heavy on the totties that day, but I love her. This is also a woman who used to say, "who has more fun than us? Rabbits!" That woman had passion in her pants I tell ya. Hence why she had 5 children..sorta Catholic get it.

Anyway, I will never forget that as long as I live. I tell that story often at this time of year. And honestly, I know what Easter means and feel it in my heart, but that is funny I don't care who you are!

So, I hope you make your own Easter fun and I want to share one of my favorite Easter pictures. 

Ian circa 2006

Have a great weekend!


  1. Okay. 1. This entire post is hilarious. 2. Mee Ma and Pee Pa are the best names for grandparents ever. All 6 of mine (mom's parents are divorced) are Grandma or Grandpa so and so. Boring. Andy's nephews call his parents Lala and Papa, which is better. I have a friend who just became a grandma at a young YOUNG age and she wants to be called Nanook. I don't even know.

  2. so i love this: My family, as you have heard me speak, are free spirits. By that I mean total whack jobs.

    and i want to come over for easter, dusty. please? i'll even climb up on the fridge to try and scare your son. promise. no t-straps... just boxers.

  3. hahaha who has more fun than us, rabbits?? so cute! hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  4. Yep. Your grandmother. She is like mine, only I am convinced mine is a little more borderline insane.. Just late night I was telling my friend about the time my grandmother informed me that while wearing a moo-moo, she sat down next to my newest grandpa (last year) and dropped her top... and said, "shaylynn he just loves me girls, loves them.."


    she also informed me that she can blow smoke rings like its nobodies business.

  5. BWAHAHAHA Now THAT is a good Easter story. I want to come and spend Easter w/ your family!! :)


    PS--Mee Ma & Pee Pa? I am TOTALLY going to call my grandparents that from now on. LOL!

  6. My mom called her grandparents on one side Big Mom and Big Dad haha. The south is so creative with our grandparent names. Ive hear Ninny, Nee Nee, Gimmie, and everything. Mine are Mamaw, Papaw, Nanny, Pa and Grandpa. Yes I have a massive amount of grandparents due to divorces. I love the south lol

  7. Awwwwww, love this story! AND yes, now we know where you get it! Happy Easter love. <3

  8. Oh your Mee Ma is freakin awesome! I love this story!

  9. I love this story! I feel like, to some extent, every family must be this way (or at least mine is)! I found you through follow friday.

  10. super cute blog :):) please come check out mine some time!

  11. What a great story! I always loved Easter growing up, in fact, it was one of my favorite holidays! I miss getting dressed up wit my family and going out to a brunch after we found eggs and opened our super fun Easter this day my family still send me a basket of goodies and the grass no matter where I it! :) Have a Happy Easter!!!

  12. What an awesome story! :)
    Love that pic.
    Enjoy your Easter, hun!

  13. Awh this is too great! I hope you have a wonderful Easter! I tagged you in a little game so I hope you check it out over at A Sweet Southern Mess!

  14. hahahahahahahaha omg YOUR GRANDMA!! ha ha she's killing me!! I love your family I think I'd fit right in, lol. also i may have to borrow this phrase
    "My family, as you have heard me speak, are free spirits. By that I mean total whackjobs.". ha ha ha happy easter Dusty!

  15. Hi I found you thru Follow Friday! am following now!


  16. Hahahaha! I always laugh here :) Ok, my family sorta Catholic too! I love your grandma! I think I might have to steal her line: Even Jesus rose.

  17. Grandma is a hoot!
    Happy Easter!


    i am so overwhelmed at what to write!! have you ever read a story that made you laugh all the way through it and yet, you don't know what to say, because well, there is so much?

    ugh. ridiculous. hilarious. old people.

    i love it.


  19. Really like your blog!
    A wonderful post!

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  20. what a great story!! your grandma sounds like a great woman indeed just from that one story you shared. happy easter tomorrow!

  21. YOur grandmother is totally hilarious. now I know where you got it from! haha Have a terrific Easter Dusty!

  22. Hahaha I love that story, so funny!
    I also wanted to let you know I awarded your blog the Liebster award.
    Go and read about it here

  23. Too funny!! I have a Meemaw too! (spelled a little different) Loved this post! My family can be nutty too and we always end up talking about sex or poop too. What? :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  24. Hahahahah! Your Mee Ma sounds hilarious! That's an awesome story! :P