Friday, April 13, 2012

Had a Blast

I think this week has been one of my favorite weeks since I have been blogging. I have made so many new friends and its been so much fun getting to know y'all. I usually waste my whole weekend reading all my bloggy friends, so I can't wait to catch up. If you want to continue the ride don't forget you can follow me through the little connectors. 

And if you would like to be in the Asian Irish Redneck club 2012 join us on Twitter. We talk about random crap that makes no sense but it sure is entertaining, right Shannon and Jes who brought her BFF Kelsey along from Georgia who I have talked with this week by email.

I am certainly enjoying my Hot Tamale series. Thank you to Jes and Shay! I love you both bunches. If you would like to join the Hot Tamales just send me an email or I might ask you anyway. I truly want everyone to see how wonderful everyone is. 

Cross my heart this has been amazing. I remember when I did my first button swap with my sweet Ruthie, who is getting my spare room ready in her new house and the friendship with the beautiful MaKaila, she rocks and Twiggy who brought the brave and strong, Kristie who I read for inspiration. Jena and Lauren Rebecca who have the cutest little girls. Justine who just had her first anniversary. Emmette who rocks the boho fashion I love so much. Anna my adopted kid. The two Danielle's from one coast to another. My newest friend, a girl name Justyn, we can relate. Miki and Jenn who have the most adorable bulldogs. Erica who is going to have her first little one and my newest rock star, Ronida. You can click their buttons or links to the side and find out how wonderful they are along with the rest of my friends. 

Love all my followers and I should name you all you deserve it so much. You all deserve to be mentioned and at some point I promise you will. I always give back or at least do my best to read and comment on your blogs. 

This blog is really a diary for my son. So he can look back and see his mom at her worst. So all of your comments show him that his mommy was loved from all over the place. I love you! I love you! I love you!

If the Pope was present I would do the electric slide with him in celebration! Wouldn't that be hilarious, me spankin' the Pope's ass! I am sorta Catholic remember.

Have  a great weekend!


  1. I am also sorta Catholic. That's what being in Catholic schools for 16 years will do to you. I want to do the electric slide with the Pope now too, so thanks for that image.

  2. HOLY SHIT - you are so awesome. I would love to see you slap the pope's ass :) LOL We love you too, obvi that's why we follow. Have a wonderful weekend, I'm sure I'll tweet you at some point!

  3. Haha, your posts make me smile! My grandma met the last pope a few times, she said he was a nice man. I heard the new pope isn't quite as much fun. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. i am feeling the love today, my fluffs, and i just love the love.
    sending you imaginary hunter boots love kicks.
    and electric slides with the pope.

  5. <3 you Dusty! You are simply the best. Have a fantastic weekend doll. Xo

  6. Aw I love my new blog friends, you are just saving me here in Georgia! Muah!

  7. girl I just bought cute chevron pillows for the guest bedroom...all ready for ya!!!! and seriously, I heart you

  8. you're awesome. Thanks for the love girl! Also who'd the other bulldog mom? I went through all your sidebar links and couldn't spot her... You know she's about to gain a loyal reader :)

  9. Gawwwwdddddd....have I mentioned how happy I am that I found you? I'll take the pics of you and the Pope gettin' down with your bad selves. ;)

    Have an awesome weekend!

  10. "This blog is really a diary for my son. So he can look back and see his mom at her worst." hahaha. so funny.

    thanks for mentioning me, i'm humbled. i'm brave? AND strong? ya'll (bloggers) mean so much to me. i can see how this week has been so great for you. meeting all these awesome people is what this is really all about. we are lucky dustylocks.

    we just are.

  11. haha. Me too! So glad I kept clicking blogs and blogs and found yours. And thank you, finally I get my dream of becoming a rock star. I should celebrate or something. lol..

    And that's so lovely, to blog for your son. I think it's really a good idea. :)



  12. Really like your blog!
    A wonderful post!

    Have you got an account in instagram?
    If yes, write me your name!

  13. Twiggy did NOT bring Krisite. I DID, I DID.

    that's right I am bitchin' a fit about it. Don't give it to sticks n' stuff, the credit is MINE.

    Thanks for havin me this week, I was a total fool.

  14. Just started following you on Twitter. YOU BETTER BE ENTERTAINING. Only kidding. Loving your blog :)


  15. i love your blog. if i could, i would follow you 1000x

  16. I love you girl! Your son is going to love reading all of this someday haha :) Seriously though! Def going to check out your bloggy friends!

  17. i just found your blog! its adorable, new follower! i love the idea of writing a blog for your son to read in the future! happy saturday!

    Xo Kelly


  18. Thanks for the shout out! And this is a blog of you at your funniest! I think your son will read it and it'll make him laugh :)

    I usually spend most of Sunday reading blogs but I didn't gave a chance to either. Gotta catch up!!

  19. AWWWWWW! XOXO Thank you . Much love to you :)