Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Handcuff me

I recently made a visit back to my home town. I make that sound like its hundreds of miles away but its not. Like 30 miles. Most all of my family still lives there except a few.. like three of us. Don't get me wrong. I am tickled I was raised in a small town, but glad I moved because everyone knew when you took a pee. I went in and ate at the little restaurant right off the interestate and they had this little gift shop when you walked in. Much to my suprise because I wouldn't expect Vera Bradley products in a restaurant called the Timberloft. Any hoot, this little store had some really cute stuff and one of the items I fell in love with was this jewelry from Lenny & Eva. 

We had to eat and when I went back to look some more for even a possible purchase they had put up the long chain rope and closed up shop for the evening. It was a Sunday so I will forgive them at this time. I came home and did a little research and found the website. Click above link and was in love. Let me give you the DL on this stuff....

Go to the website and see the pictures I was nostalgic after looking at them
made me want to frolic

these are the items they sell
love these cuffs and you can pick out any saying you want
and they are interchangeable

you also can get little charms to put on them

these are the two I am contemplating
I always say this to my friends

I love this alot
its the message of the only way your going to get anywhere in this world is
if you do it yourself

oh and this is for the Keep Calm lovers

So there you have it. They have spiritual quotes as well, and they have these for the little ones and men, which would be a great anniversary or birthday gift. A saying that binds you two together and all that mushing crap.

I love them. Visit the website and enjoy. Which one do you like? Fight Like a Girl or the Legend plate? 

Happy Wednesday everyone and thank you for the well wishes. I am on the roids and feeling 90 percent better.


  1. oh yeah.these are lovely.amazing quotes. i would love to buy one if only they're available here. especially the "it takes courage to grow up..." :)

  2. I love these! I think that the calamity jane one fits you well :) Maybe I'll get a matching one and then be can be cuff sisters too! LOL
    xx <-- HUGS

  3. I love that legend one, it's precious! I always say the same thing about my hometown which is just 30 minutes north of Knoxville. But ya know it's a lot smaller. I want one!

  4. love 'fight like a girl'. love. and i'm from a small town too. totally get it. people still make fun of how often i pee.

  5. I think the legend one. Because we already are freaking legends.

  6. i like the fight like a girl one. and the "not all who wander are lost".
    they'd all go so amazing with wellies, btw.

  7. those cuffs are so dreamy! I would love one! and you are right, the cool!

  8. OMG I want one of these!! I have been lookign for a big leather cuff forever!! I wanted one from stella and dot but they are teenie tiny! Dusty my foul mouth love, you save me yet again!

  9. glad you are feeling better! i would def pick the be a legend one. these cuffs are amazing! i want one!

  10. what a bummer you missed the shop, but how great you found these! so unique, i love them!

    Happy Wednesday.

  11. Fight like a girl wins. I wish they had thrown an explitive in there, because I am so classy.

  12. Okay first of all, the title=genius. Made me laugh. so. hard. These bracelets kind of rock, and I would definitely go with fight like a girl. I feel like it fits you.

  13. I love it! I want some cuffs :)

  14. Oooh, so cute :) I like the legend one!
    (I'm your latest follower btw, so hi :D)


  15. The legend one totally reminds me of you! Funny how you find the coolest things in the most unexpected of places

  16. Sweet. Love all of these. Awesome little findings.

  17. Love finding gems like this! Def feeling the fight like a girl cuff :)

  18. Oh, I heart the "Legend"!!!!!

  19. I was QUITE intrigued by the title of this post (you know, to say the least). And I must say, sweet friend, that I am glad it ended with lovely accessories and NOT you in prison. That much orange doesn't look good on anyone.

  20. oh, these are all so cute! i might just have to get one :]