Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hot Tamale ..Thoughts By ..A Petite Brunette

On Monday I was the host of a a magnificent Hen Party over at Thoughts By.. A Petite Brunette.  If you read the post you understand that Justyn and I are sorta sisters separated at birth. We have so much in common and I am so happy to have followed her and now we are friends. We Skyped for almost 2 hours last Friday. Which really meant our computers didn't cooperate and I think that we actually did get to see and talk to each other for a total 20 minutes. But I loved every minute of it. This girl gets my feature award this week and her mom even accepted me into the family. I know, already? Yes, love at first write. So without further delay, here she is Lord Justyn...

I feel like I’m writing my speech for the Academy Awards or something. “Thank you to the Academy and thank you to the lovely Dusty De for finding me and friending me, I can honestly say that without her I would not be here” obviously.  “Without her I would not have been considered for a “Hot Tamale” *insert blush* post and of course I wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t actually asked me to write THIS ‘ERE POST {that part was my redneck accent}” Annnnd scene.

The only problem is she didn’t give me a topic; so now I’m left wondering where I want to take you fried pickle lovers on my short – or possibly long – expedition through Dusty Land. I guess I could tell you about the thing I know the most about, Moi. First off – I don’t speak French.

Otherwise I’m full of interesting and un-useful facts such as: A group of deer is called a Heard and a flock of geese {whilst not in flight} is called a Gaggle. You can thank my mountain man husband for teaching me such things. I am also the owner of a two and a half year old daughter who tries my patience on a daily basis, but is ultimately my reason for living. I’m still a newbie to the blogging {and marriage} world, and unsurprisingly one my most popular post is about sex.

As for other interesting facts; Dusty and I share a lot in common such as: our unique boyish names, our birthday, our alias, and our career paths. Quite a coincidence! I can see how one could think *cough, cough* that we might be long lost twins and/or soul mates.  {See highlighted Tweet Convo} 

I’m really amazed by Dusty. Not just because we were obviously put on Earth to be good friends, but because she’s kind of an amazing person. She’s the kind of friend that every girl needs – the one that says “Who cares if your ass looks big in those jeans, Power to the Fluffy!” That said - this is knowledge that you already possess, so let’s stay on track here people.

My blog is a little eclectic – much like myself.  I recently learned to cook at the fragile age of 24. Yes, I am 24 and I have an almost three year old – who was born out of wedlock, I’m also kind of Catholic. Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m a fashion model or that people would actually want to wear my outfits. When I have these “moments” I go to an inconspicuous spot and turn the self timer of my camera on while singing “Vogue” in my head. I do have the occasional insight as to how other people should live their lives. That’s when I go into shrink mode and imagine that said people want to know what I’m thinking and/or would one day be willing to pay me for my opinion. Eclectic…crazy… it’s pretty much the same thing here in Virginia. 

I didn’t feel like my special post had enough pictures so here are all of the faces of Justyn.
And with that, I believe it is time to say goodbye fellow fried pickle lovers.
You can stalk me here, here, and here

Isn't she adorable? I know and do you see the family resemblance? Working with me now aren't you? I love her. Go visit her, send her cyber hugs, kiss her faces in these pictures, just don't tell anyone and enjoy her blog. It's 100 percent worth it! Thank you again, for being my it chick this week and for those sweet words!

Happy Thursday,

P.S. If you wanna join the Hot Tamale's just send me a message or email. I would love to have everyone see how great we bloggers are. Oh, I may just ask you anyway!


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwweeeee sommmmmmmeeee!!!!!

  2. Thank you again for asking me to do this post! I had fun writing it :)

  3. my husband is gonna be so proud of me when i tell him i know what a gaggle is. not even kidding. dear justyn lord ... you are amazing.

  4. oh i just love, love, love lord justyn. she is quite the hot tamale indeed!
    p.s. i love that two and a half year old daughter of yours. on tuesday, during that robo Skype sesh, she was most adorable.

  5. aww i love her I want to be friends too! I'm going to follow her...right now!

  6. Hi. I love you both. Remember, I am the third construction related marketing person in this group.

    And I love love loved Justyn first so there, JESTINA.

  7. yall are so cute....does she have crude humor like you? if so, I love her already. And I love that you called it a hen party...that's what they call bachelorette parties in British land!

  8. I have a mountain man husband too! I think we were all separated at birth.

  9. i love how you connect everyone dusty girl. <3 u