Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Your Roots

I love when someone tells a blonde joke. I usually let them go on and on and smile graciously while the bubble above my head says, "you really are a moron, I am not a natural blonde." I don't know any blond who thinks those jokes are funny. I love being blonde and have been any version of the color for about 15 or so years. I am hair person. It's the one thing in my life I have total control over except for most days it does what the hell it wants. I even had the mishap of being platinum blonde in which I promptly came home washed my hair in baking soda and clarifing shampoo and my hair turned into hay. I was afraid to go outside for fear a bird might start screaming, "Home!"

I have highlights and lowlights in my hair and naturally my hair is dark brown, well ass brown is what I call it. You don't want me to describe that do ya? Didn't think so. Lately, I have been contemplating going back to my roots. But I don't know that I can completely do it. I have attempted once and then after about two weeks, went in for highlights.

I think its just the fact that these women are hot snot and I keep thinking I will magically turn into something sophisticated. But who am I kidding. I still probably wouldn't get up in the morning and style my hair any different even if I was a brown cow. But it does cross my mind maybe once a month when my roots are about an inch and half long and I am pretty sure I see a grey one in which I tell myself its just extra light.

I think this is so cool, but it would drive me nuts being lighter at the bottom. It's like the 
Victoria Beckham bob. It looked like 
Edward Scissorhands just went to town.

Very lady like and simple
I wonder if she cusses
I wouldn't be able to cuss and pull it off if my hair was that perfect

This chick is sexier than boots on a duck
And I was totally obsessed with her lipstick
I searched the internet for days trying to find the color (never did)
Pinky Swear

Of course I shouldn't really be posting this, my stylist would be taking a pay cut which now that I think of it, is probably why she tells me every single time I look fab! Damn she's good.

So do you ever think about your roots and going back to what your moma and daddy gave ya?

Happy Wednesday


  1. Me! Me! I get my hair highlighted every 5 weeks religiously. I have naturally dirty blonde hair like you. Well one year in high school I made the wise decision to dye my hair "brown". I wanted that sleek, sexy Miranda Kerr hair. My hair dresser warned me..."Julie, it may turn red because your hair is so light". Didn't care...did it. Came out pippy long stocking red. Rocked it for about a week then returned to my blonde. Maybe I'll just result to a brown wig on the days I have the urge to be brown.

  2. ugh, i went back to my natural ass-brown-copper-whatever color. i want nothing more than my blond back. or at least a few highlights. blond is my natural even if it's not my natural. that's how i feel about that. oh and my hair turned blue one time. my friends called me a smurf. that was awesome.

  3. I feel that women are inevitably dissatisfied with their hair. Curly want straight and vice versa. Brown want blonde and vice versa. We all just want something different. It's the little thrills that count, right?? I'm a natural blonde with curly hair. I've kept the curly (though most days I hate it), but I've dyed my hair dark brown (or black) since high school. Yay, diversity!

  4. Butt brown, I like it. I've always called it mouse brown but butt brown rolls off the tongue a little easier :) I'm a hair dye addict, although I've never attempted a color that isn't red, brown, or black.

  5. I think about that all of the time. But I used to nanny for my stylists' kid, and whether I want highlights or not, they somehow end up on my head, as he reminds me that I'm much hotter as a blonde, and that he finds my natural hair color "tragic". I prefer the blonde too, just sometimes wonder what my hair really looks like under all of the processing.

  6. i think you would look fab with ass brown hair. just saying.
    i could never pull off blonde so i've more or less always been the same color since the day i popped out of my mama's bits.

  7. Now, I have serious hair envy. I have to admit, I love the ombre :) maybe this summer. I can just hear my dad asking me if I got deal since they only colored half my hair!

  8. if i went "back to my roots" i'd be 1/2 way to gray-ville. that's depressing. i'm 26. so, no. i will be dying my hair till i'm old and can't wipe my own butt anymore.

    i will pay someone to change my diaper AND color my hair.

    btw, i NEED that photo of you that was on jes's blog yesterday. so, i might steal it. i don't know what i'm going to do with it. but...give me permission. k?

  9. Haha, this post is hilarious! If I weren't completely lazy and paranoid I would dye my hair all the time. But it's so hard to maintain and I'm scared all of my hair will fall out.

  10. Dusty.

    Once, in high school I had blue hair, purple hair, black hair, fire red.. highlights of course.. the ugliest hair color for me? Blonde.

    Now I have stupid ass gray, I've had it for a few years now, so I dye.. I have no idea what my natural hair color is.. like a dark dark crappy color of brown. Oh well. However this fall, I'll be 28, therefor I need red hair again.

  11. I have always been too scared (I'm a baby) to color my hair, but I really want too! Eeek. Your hair, though, sheesh. STEL.LAR.

  12. I go back and forth. I go natural till I feel way too bland, and then I color it, and then I spend 2 years pining for it to be natural again. And then I get bored of how drab it is and I highlight it. And then I wish for it to be natural. Over and Over and Over.

    I say keep it blonde mama. Having "natural" hair is over rated. JMO. :)

  13. Although I love my "roots" I don't plan on going back there anytime soon! And damn Minka for being so sexy...not sure about the whole "boots on a duck"...but I see where you're going! ;) Just steer clear of the hay hair...oh, the lessons we learn in life!

  14. I've tried! I haven't dyed my hair in over a year besides putting some bright red streaks in it a few months ago and my hair is now brown forever! It used to be an almost strawberry blond/brownish color.

  15. I have ass brown hair right now. I am on a color strike until the end of summer. It's just so goddamn expensive. So I'm going to let it do it's thing (ie. be ass brown) and get some natural highlights until fall, and then I'll dye it dark ass brown again.

  16. I'm with Shannon, it's so expensive...I'm using a box. Number 32 every 3 weeks and its $7 bucks. And its litteraly poop brown when it washes out...ugh. LOL

  17. Boots on a duck is the first thing that comes to mind when I think sexy. I've never dyed my hair, but when I get old and gray I'm definitely going to be one of those ladies with green hair. Or purple. Or blue... or all three!

  18. I have naturally brown hair but not a pretty brown. It's mousy. I die my hair darker with highlights and I probably won't stop. I think about going back but not seriously.

  19. I recently wrote a post about this. Hair=stress. I naturally have dirty toilet water hair but have been blonde for-ev-er. I'd start with some lowlights. Good luck!


  20. I don't know if anyone could cuss and pull it off looking like her. As of late, I have completely let my hair go. I should probably do something about that...

  21. I have way too much fun dyeing my hair I don't think I could go back to my natural color! Although I wish my hair was as polished as these pics :)

  22. love this post! I just died my hair brown, which was a HUGE change for me. Now I crave thick, think, hair like the girl in the last picture! cute blog! xo

  23. well, i'm a natural person i guess. i never do anything to my hair. the girls in the hairdresser say my hair is what they call virgin hair. i like it they way they are. but it think it's fair and nothing wrong if someone wants to do something different to their hair

  24. I have light brown hair and from time to time I let it shine but typically I like to be a darker brown. I love getting my hair done!

    Jayme @ HLNC

  25. lyla!!! oh friday night lights, may you rest in peace.
    easter sunday my sister looked at my hair and said, "brissa. you need to dye that now. it looks like an ombre gone so, so wrong." i guess that's what happens when you don't dye your hair for a year....
    i'm in love with lauren conrad's hair.