Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And I Ponder

Well, its just Tuesday. Plain ole Tuesday. The great thing about this week. Long weekend. yeah baby! Until then I am up to my old tricks of pondering. Here's what's grabbing my goat these last few weeks.

First, there is a what I guess, is a homeless chick that stands at the intersection down from the office. She's been there for more than a year. Sometimes her boyfriend has his guitar and they have a sign that says "Hard Times, Anything Much Appreciated". I am trying to figure out why in the world the police or someone hasn't stopped to help her. I also wonder stupid crap like, where did she get the piece of cardboard to write on. And the marker? I know. The girl is roasting like a marshmallow at a Boy Scout campfire and I wonder where she got the marker and cardboard to write on. But my point is, if she's homeless, shouldn't she like print it on a dirty shirt or something, like a cheap concert T. A woman gave her $10 smacks the other day, but good wife beater and no bra and she might be trading in that street corner for something better.

Next, there is a popular fashion blogger with like 10,000 plus followers out there. I won't say the name but I am sure you can guess. I love her blog too. I visit it every day. I actually like most of what she puts on, and really like her earlier creations, but I love reading the comments. I have left one comment the whole time I have followed her. Never a response. But I see the same suck ups comment every day. And some days the outfits look like crap and I seriously wanted to do her roots for the longest time. It drove me nuts, but I swear these people could say, "oh, (blank), you have the most beautiful asshole. Where did you get that ass hole, I must have it, I bet it would look great with a pink cardi". I love bloggers because I am one. But really?

Why doesn't anyone ever walk up to you and say. "Oh, I love your blush where did you get it?" It's always your lip gloss or the eye shadow, but never the blush. Hmmm, pondering.

Finally, there is a house that has been basically turned into a funeral home on the main drag  where we live. On the way back we got caught in traffic and Ian looks at me and says, "Moma, that is a great house, I bet its a happy place." Uhhhh, long pause and silence. The first time I had no clue what to say to my kid. He apparently thinks people live there and there is a water slide and pool in the back. I love that he is so oblivious to the world. Turns out there is a boy that played on his baseball team and his family owns the funeral home. I tell this story to the Owner and he busts a gut laughing. After thinking about it. I now see the humor in it. 

What are you pondering today? Come on leave me a few goodies.

Tuesday love,


  1. Hahaha! I love these ... I too wonder strange things about the various homeless people I see on the street. Things like the cardboard and the markers. There is a guy near my old station who sits there all day clinging to his (well-nourished) dog. Police speak to him and commuters buy him food ... I sometimes ponder ... is his life easier without the rat race pace? Are we the fools?

    I don't know about you, but I could use a few suck-up commenters;) hehehe just kidding ...


  2. Sometimes I feel like those big bloggers don't even read their comments. Which I guess is their prerogative because it's their blog, but I always feel kind of crappy when I feel like my comments don't matter because I spend time reading about them. I don't know, maybe I don't get it.

  3. There is nothing scarier then a funeral home, homeless person, & fashion blogger. well, fashion blogger maybe not so much.

    and all fashion bloggers hate me now, it's okay.

  4. There were SO MANY homeless people in Colorado - every street corner I tell you. When I asked my cousin she said that they weren't really having hard times - apparently being homeless means you make bank in Boulder, maybe you should tell that chick.

    1. Most of them have trust fund from daddy... they just look homeless. It's a fashion statement in Boulder.

  5. Found u from ruthie :) i think it is hilarious and so true waht you're saying! i used to comment on those kinda blogs but they don't read it, so why waste the time? Anyway yeah there are the same homeles ppl by my office building too and I sometimes wonder what's up w them... hope ur having a great tuesday! love ur blog

  6. Haha, that is too funny! Ugh! I can't stand it when people suck up on blogs. And I hate it even more when blogs with like 2,000 followers swear they're the next big thing. I call them blog snobs.

  7. I don't need to tell you about the homeless lady down the street from me. We know about her. And her stink.

    The funeral home thing? That scares me. But at least your little one can see the good in it! Sweet boy, that one.

  8. I want to know who the fashion blogger is. Am I really the only one who doesn't know and wants to know? I'm probably already following her and commenting about her asshole, but still.

  9. Haha I love this post/your sense of humor. I always wonder what people's stories are when I see them on the street. Sometimes I'll stop and talk (depending on my gut feeling) to find out what there story is. it's always something different.

    Also I am dying over the fashion blogger pondering! Haha I'm pondering who it is. Lol. For me i try and return comments but u can see how if you get like
    300 a post it might be hard to do but you should still try! What I don't get however, is if you have a blog and you get like handful of comments a post how is it you never have time to respond??? Especially if someone asks a question?! U can't be that busy!

  10. There is a couple who pretend to be homeless that I heard make about $50,000 a year! One of my friends parents took them a box of food and they said they only accept cash. Someone saw them at Starbucks both with laptops. So... some of those people really are homeless, but some are just a scam. You never know.

    Pretty sure I know the fashion blogger you're talking about. I either love her outfits or hate them, no in between.

  11. I hear ya about the cheesy ass comments that are left on "miss fashion" blogger's site. I couldn't agree more. What's funny, I never comment on the bigger name blogs anymore...I have in the past and never got a comment or an email back. Not worth my precious time to type some kiss-up comment.

  12. I always pray that I will be the first comment on one of your posts. One day.. I have tons of homeless people by my office. I wonder similar thing. I was getting off the freeway the other day at about 8am and the offramp is super busy like 7 lanes merging into 3, and there was a homeless dude sitting on the cement barricade about 3 feet away from dying. I just couldn't help but think if I were homeless at 8a, I would not be awake. I would be piss drunk off hand sanitizer in the shade sleeping. Not out in the hot sun screaming at cars that are going way to fast too stop.

    Also nothing bugs me more than when I write a full thought out comment on a "big blogs" post and get no response. I know that it takes a while to respond, and maybe I wouldn't respond to the comments like "that's cute!", but I sure as hell would take the time to respond to people who were reading and commenting with actual thoughts.

  13. ok, right now i'm pondering who this fashion blogger is. i need to know...email it to me.

    i tend to ponder random crap too. although, can i just say something about the homeless lady? it's pretty hilarious. OK, as you know, at one point(s) in my life i chose to be homeless and walk across the U.S. Well, we'd always make signs on cardboard for rides to trail heads or into towns, etc. you know, it'd say, "hiker to boiling springs" or "hiker to PCT trailhead", etc. etc. DUDE. the cardboard came from pizza boxes like every time. the marker? NO EFFING CLUE. i have never known. someone always just had one. always. it's hilarious.

  14. Love your thoughts on these topics. I always think the same way about homeless people. I do not understand their ways.

  15. I always wonder about not funny things. In fact, sometimes thinking for me = disaster zone. So thank you, for allowing me to think funny thinks.

  16. We tried to help a homeless guy one time,took him out back with soap a hose and shampoo,new clothes, shoes, food etc. about an hour later we saw him climb back into the dumpster put back on his poopy pants. WTF!?!

  17. Love your thoughts on these topics. I cracked up at the hey i love your asshole, lol..You are too funny. Thanks for the comment on my blog.