Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hot Tamale ..As Luck Would Have It

Hot Tamale get it while its hot! Today, we have Whitney from As Luck Would Have It. This girl is a hoot. We started following each other about a month or so ago. One Saturday, reading through all of my blogs, I come to her post that says, "I'm terminal. I've given myself two months" Well, being the mother hen, I was like oh, no! And then I read it again and busted a gut. Ding, ding the light bulb went off and I was just in love ever since. I love a good blogger who is a little on the whacked side and she is defiantly one to follow along. This girl is too purty and rides motor bikes, people! She rocks! So take it away...

I'm so excited to be hanging out at Dusty's place today. Nice change of scenery for me. Plus, her blog is one of the most amazing treasures I have ever found. I am so stoked she asked me to guest post. And by asked, I mean, I forced myself on her. Take it how you want.

She told me I could blog about anything I wanted and I had a list of possible topics. I decided to forget the  list and write about the most interesting thing I know about: Me.

My name is Whitney

I am your typical blogger with the crafts and the recipes and my babies. Oh, how I love to blog about my babies. I have six. 3 girls and 2 boys. PAH! I totally had you going. Those are all lies. Except my name is really Whitney. I don't craft (not because I don't want to, I just lack talent when it comes to that delightful junk) I cook when I have time, but it's usually frozen pizzas or Marie Calender pot pies, I do believe I am in the negatives when it comes to being baby hungry and 3+2 doesn't equal 6.

So you want the truth do you? Well, the truth is I am married to the hottest man in the universe with 1000000000+ in sex appeal. He pretty much blasted my panties off the first time he looked at me. 
whoa...where'd my panties go?

We dated for about a year and a half and he decided he didn't want me getting away so he slapped a ring on it. And look at us now- Provo's Most Awesome Couple.We both work for the same company.  He mans a radioactive gauge day in and day out while I work up in the mountains in a lab washing dirt. Sounds a bit redundant, doesn't it?

Truthfully, I do a lot more than just "washing" it. My job is actually very important, but we tell people I'm a dirt washer because it's easier than explaining what I really do. Also, it's a funny nickname, like calling a ginger a fire-crotch, or a muggle-born a mudblood. Except "mudblood" isn't funny, it's highly offensive. Apologies to all you muggle-borns.

We're a pretty entertaining bunch, enough to get us through the day.  Flanders likes anything with a motor and loves to spend money. I like poetry and "that's what she said" jokes. Why just last night I made off with an inappropriate joke and Flanders said to me, "You're the whole package, you know that?" and I was a little caught off guard by his sudden sweet comment and I was all, "really, why?" and he was like, "you have looks AND personality." and I was all, "awww, baby." and then he was like, "...all you lack is morals." But you know what? He loves me anyway, and that ladies and gentlemen, is love. Come on over to hang out with Sexy Flanders and me.  Well, it's mostly me. Flanders takes advantage of my blog time to read about cars and motorcycles. Men....

See I told ya! I am pretty sure she is terminal...Crazy! So go over and say howdy and leave her some love on this here blog cause I know she reads it. 

Hot Thursday,

P.S. If you wanna join the Hot Tamales, give me a shout or I may just ask you anyway!


  1. haha I loved her post, so funny! I will go check her blog out now :)

  2. Dusty, you keep introducing me to all these hilarious girls! Love this one.

  3. I love how fire crotch and muggle made it into this post :-)

  4. Flanders is like Homer Simpson? haha awesome! Love you Whitney! My dirtbike twin!

  5. Haha, she sounds hilarious! My husband has the same effect on me ;)

  6. I must go check out her blog immediatly. :)

  7. She is hilarious! I love that she said her husband blasted her panties off! bahahaha

  8. I love Whitney. And you. I love these Hot Tamales.

  9. oh my lordy, Whitney. freaking hilarious. one hot hilarious tamale you are indeed.

  10. Can't. Stop. Laughing! Definitely following Whitney! I literally laughed out loud when she said 'whoooaaa where'd my panties go?' I'd love to be a part of 'Hot Tamales'. Email me at jadesierra1@gmail{dot}com to fill me in! :)

    I'm your newest follower. Saw the title of your blog & immediately followed because I'm literally obsessed with fried pickles! :) I hope you'll follow me back @


    -Jade Sierra-

  11. I'm smiling so big right now!! :) thanks for letting me come over and play!!

  12. She is pretty freakin' fabulous!! And her hubs is pretty freakin' hot! 100% a new follower of hers! Dusty, you have such cool friends...and that most definitely includes me! ;)

  13. Heheh I love the first picture Am pleased to see you didn't have a dog guest posting for you! :P