Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hot Tamale ..A Muse In Purple

This Hot Tamale is perfect for this hot summer day. Kelsey is a total riot! She's funny, smart and like me would probably say anything which I love. I am pretty sure we could have a smarty pants contest to see which one could one up the other and then laugh hysterically at the effort. But her heart is big as the world. That's what I dig about her. She is the friend would be there no matter what. Take it away, Kelsey.....

Hidey Hoe Good Neighbor! 

I'm the muse...over at A Muse in Purple.

I currently reside in Southern's really, really hot and humid here. Imagine Monica Gellar from Friends on the Barbados episode, that's me 24/7. I'm originally from Oregon, my soul feels at peace there. I lived in California for 3 years and just fell in love with it, wouldn't you...see below:

While there, I met my husband (but I don't blog about him certain conditions and rules apply) but I did I meet my best friend. She's my LT. We are completely in love with celebretards, zombies, realty tv and mimosas. I found someone who understand the ins and outs of being a military wife, who understands my sense of humor and who understands a good pair of boots! We may or may not be guilty of trying to embarrass the hell out of her husbands see here:

Nothing wrong with matching cat shirts in public. NOTHING!
In my spare time... I'm big into music and live concerts, baseball games and college football and riding my quad...I don't think there is anything sexier than dirtbikes and quads.

While living in California, I spent a year and half living with a very avid Duck fan. He met and fell in love with a certain Wu. I found she was my cancer in in we share the same sign. I had never found another Cancer who totally got me, who understood the quiet recluse I could turn into and yet the loud extrovert an hour later. Most of you know her as Two Smuppies but I know her as Jestina. She isn't here today to read this but I'm so thankful to have met her:

So peeps...that's a little bit about all know I'm married, I've got a pup named Tucker and a cat named Zero.

Tomorrow I turn 31, so swing by and wish me Happy Birthday! This is me on my dirty 30...for my 30th birthday party my twin brother and I had a live band, my friends Oak Street Blues, a taco truck (thank you Brian!!) and a bouncy bungee run. The cops showed up. I think it was a success. Best birthday ever!

Let' see how I look on my 31st. It will probably not be PG and I'm sure I'll tell the neighbors to go f*ck themselves.

That's me in a nutshell folks, take it or leave it. 

So I am pretty sure that if I ever wanted to get into a bar brawl I would want her on my team. So go over and say hi, show her some love and tell her Happy Birthday! It's her day all over blogland.

Happy Thursday and don't forget, if you wanna be a Hot Tamale give me a shout or I might just ask you anyway.


  1. Is it sad that I know exactly what you're talking about when you say you look like Monica on the Barbados episode of Friends? No, I didn't think so either. I love Dusty's girls! oh and happy birthday!

  2. I look like Monica in Barbados too right now. Freakin humidity. Oh and p.s. I love you.

  3. I freaking love you. and you're right. nothing IS sexier than riding dirt bikes and quads. :) also guess what, I am a crabby cancer too! I knew there was a reason I loved you so much!! :)
    annnnnnd HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!! :)

  4. I love you.
    Georgia is not that far from VA - or TN for that matter. I think we need to have a blogger meet up.

  5. Ooh Oregonians need to stick together! Love you already!!