Monday, June 25, 2012

I am an artist, sorta

So today you will find me over at Two Smuppies. And why am I over there your asking instead of having a fabulous post this Monday? Because I am exerting all my fabooness in a delicious post because she asked me too. If you don't believe me here is a little snippet of what you might see. 

So click here, its not that far of a drive. It's a hop, click and a jump. Also, I would love to have you sponsor on my blog for July. You can click the sponsor tab at the top of the page or click below. Either way, its gonna be fun. I mean I am only 12,800 away from The Daybook.

Don't forget to go over to Jes 's place to see my artistry. You're gonna want a self portrait of your own I just know it.

Happy Monday,


  1. Been there, done that.. you my dear make me laugh all the time.

  2. just so you know, that if i didn't already follow you and love you and think you are hysterical, finding you on jes's page would have made my day!

    although, it still did. :)

  3. You are hilarious as usual. Love the drawing.

  4. Draw me a pic, I'll draw you one. But yours will make mine look terrible. Promise.


  5. Love the drawing!

    And... you're WAY cooler than Sydney!

  6. Man oh man....GREAT art work missy! And I love that you drew her in an Oregon shirt (as opposed to an Oregon State shirt...sorry Kels!). GO DUCKS!

  7. I seriously almost died laughing when I saw how you drew. It makes you that much better.
    Sydney who?
    Love my sissy.
    Xoxoxo xox

  8. you should have seen me trying to say "fabooness" in my mind ... either I'm a tad bit sleepy or my mind is playing tricks on me ... but I just couldn't do it. I wonder how much the daybook charges? I think I'm going to email to see ... I really want to know. and then I'll say "psych!".

  9. Look at you...moving on up the sponsor ladder. I have been thinking about doing it to. Did you use Passion Fruit? And you are way cooler than the Daybook chic...why would you even compare yourself to her? And who knew you could draw so well? ;) And you will NEVER receive alimony from MY MAN!! ;)

  10. Well, you draw A LOT better than me. Stick people are my specialty.