Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Games We Play

Do you remember as kids you used to do really stupid games like truth or dare, spin the bottle, chicken fights, Simon Says or maybe even something even more stupid like going down a gigantic hill in roller skates with no stopper. Well, maybe you all didn't do that but I did and the end was tragic. 

I have really never gotten why these games are either so much fun or utterly stupid. I am not a dare devil at all. I once took a 5 minute helicopter ride in which I made out a will before getting inside. I like things very calm, low key. I live outside my box but I don't take risks, but it's fun to see other people do it. By fun I mean really stupid.

I have over 300 friends on Facebook. Do you really think if I dared them all to stand on their heads and fart the Star Spangled Banner they would? Probably not unless intoxicated.

If someone asked me to jump off a cliff into the bluest and most beautiful water in the world I would say you first dumbass.

If the guy with ugly teeth and body odor spun the bottle and it landed on me, sorry Charlie but get some veneers and Scope. I don't like rules.

And those chicken fights. You know the ones where you get on someone's shoulders and see who wins by knocking them in the water. We all know that's just a guys ploy to see if your top will come off when you get pushed over into the water. Pigs!

Simons says stand on one foot, touch your nose with your first finger and yell to the world I love eating toe jam. Dusty says I'm too lazy, get me Mt. Dew and I'll eat some Doritos.

Truth is, I love being who I am. I don't need to be someone else, or do anything to impress another person in this world. I already know I won't probably be on my son's school phone tree. I am not going to be a PTA parent. I don't think I classify as a cool chick and I defiantly am not into abiding by what every day society tells me. But I do have logic and morals and that's how I live. So Mother May I be happy with who I am! The answer is yes. 

I dare you to just love yourself. Simons says you can.

Happy Tuesday,


  1. I know what it's like to go down a big hill on roller blades. Scary! And yeah spin the bottle was only played if cute boys were the only other ones playing ha

  2. Good for you Dusty :) I'm working on it :)

  3. So inspirational. :) love it!
    I know I can get a little crazy at times, but I definitely would be the one passing on kissing body odor and bad teeth dude too. ha!

  4. I struggle with this and have only started recently embracing my "me-ness". And the more I think about it... why would you want to be like someone else?

  5. you are hysterical.

    you are free from (that 'P' word i can't think of that means to care about what everyone thinks of you.) you know what i'm saying right? you're free from that.

    you are a good mom.

    you make up your own language.

    you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty.

    you skyped with shay and i even when you were busy.

    you care about others.

    i'd say you are "just right", in fact, even someone i'd like to be!

  6. I love this! I'm trying very hard to love and accept myself just the way I am, it's very inspirational to see other bloggers who are doing it!!

    Also? I think you're a cool chick, if that makes a difference!

  7. i love you for you because you are you in all of the glory of you.

    make sense? i love you.

  8. You ARE a cool chick. Most def.

    I love the way you put things. You have a gift, miss thang. Cheers to you embracing You, and me embracing ME. me loves you D.

  9. I wish more people were like that including myself. I hate the effect society has on us. Why can't we think for ourselves!? Thanks Dusty for the reminder :)

  10. I think you are a cool chick.
    And I love that you are who you are. It takes a lot to figure out how to be comfortable in our own skin...and you've mastered it! Great work!

  11. I think you are a cool chick!! And I kind of hate those games.

    We did need to play games. We can sit around, drink cocktails, and tell funny stories. You'd win at that. :)

  12. You're one of the coolest chicks I know!

  13. haha your posts always make me laugh!! i like you a lot. the end.

  14. You are such a bad ass! :)

    Love this post. Love that you are so comfortable with who you are...not many people can say that. Your posts always make me smile!

  15. I love that you know who you are. I am the same why. When someone says "I am trying to find myself" I can't figure out how they got lost.

    Anyway. I am your newest follower. I have a blog too. Maybe I will see you around!

  16. May I be happy with who I am? Please? I try every day!!

  17. Love this! I also refuse to do adventurous things like fly out of a plane, go on helicopter rides or bungee jump because the older I get, the smarter I get and those things can sometimes lead to death. Call me boring, call me dull... but this gal is trying to stay alive, yo.

  18. Wow, Dusty, pretty deep and heavy today!!! ;) I like it...in all honesty, this is something every single person...especially women deal with everyday. It's a damn shame, but true. And I won't be serving on the PTA anytime soon! ;)

  19. I'll stand on my head, but I will not fart. I don't fart. Dan bought me the book "everybody poops" because I have told him for 8 years now that I don't poop.
    BUT ... here's something for ya ... I'll be jumping out of a plane this month. This month! And this is me loving myself. I can't wait.

    1. I definitely tell the boyfriend girls don't fart OR poop. For some reason, he doesn't buy it. But sometimes he does humor me!

    2. I don't mind the farting business, because everyone does it. But I'd fall over and break my neck if I tried to stand on my head. So Tiff and I could be a team

  20. rollerblading down the hill without the stopper, yep thats me living the wild side - or the stupid side LOL still have a nasty scare on my knew, but I sure did it again the next post!

  21. I would pay to see someone fart the star spangled banner. Just saying.

  22. Did I mention that if we were in real life right now I would grab your bum & make out with you hard core right now? Okay, so not really. But seriously, I dig this post! I needed this today. I literally laughed out loud when you talked about 'farting the star spangled banner'. Believe me, if I could I would! lol. You're hysterical & I love it. :) :)

  23. If you ask me, everyone should be as comfortable in their skin as you are, woman! I loved this post, it's so true and also well written! No one else can tell you how to live your life or what mold to fit into. That's what makes each person beautiful! xo


  24. I love the way you use dumb childhood games as a metaphor for the ridiculous rules and constraints society likes to throw around. And I love that you're saying "bug off" to the rules and just being Dusty. Bravo.

    I decided to take my scooter down the big hill. Jacked up my thumb. Worst. Decision. Ever. (before I turned 10 at least. There have been dumber since).