Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hot Tamale ..A Girl On Film

Ok my sweets! It's Hot Tamale time. This sweet girl comes over from Girl on Film and she's a doll. She's just starting out in the crazy blog world but you know how I think its important to support our fellow bloggettes. Jessica gives these great movie reviews and after stalking her blog, she knows her shizl. She reviewed a few movies I actually forgot about and love. So make her feel welcome. 

Hey lovely people!

I’m so excited to be on Girls Love Fried Pickles! Dusty is like the cool big sister of blog land and I’m inspired by her honesty. She’s hilarious, right? I stumbled across her blog and my first thought was probably: What’s a fried pickle? And then: Why isn’t my blog this awesome? It took me ages to decide to email her because I didn’t think I would fit in with all the other Hot Tamales but she replied right away and here I am! Anyway here’s a bit about yours truly. Hi. This is me. Sorry that I’m not looking at the camera but it took me a very looonnnng time to find a vaguely attractive picture.

I’m Jessica and I blog over at Girl On Film where I ramble on about mainly movies and some other stuff as well. I like fashion, music, books and nail art. I dance ballet, bake cupcakes and I’m trying to teach myself the guitar. I’m 16 which means that unlike some of the lovely Hot Tamale peeps I don’t have a gorgeous husband or cute baby to tell you about. However, if you happen to be 16 and have one or both of these things, then good for you. (Depending on if it’s legal in your country or not, but whatever.) Anyway, I have my family of my mum and little sister. Here they are looking fabulous.

And hopefully very soon we are getting a new addition to the family – a little kitty cat! Any ideas for names? I love blogging and get so excited when I get emails saying I have comments or I log on and realise I got a new follower. I love feeling that I’m connecting with people. In my day to day life I’m kind of shy, normally the quietish one in any group so it can be hard to get to know the real me. However, getting a response to something I’ve written is the best feeling and has given my confidence a massive boost. And talking of people in my life, don’t let me forget my amazing friends. Here we are at our Prom a few weeks ago. I’m the (dyed) redhead, second from the right.

You’ve probably decided by now whether you want to read any more of my ramblings but if you still need to be convinced then I will give you an excellent reason to come and hang out at Girl On Film: you would get to spend time with a certified Prom Queen. Sadly I didn’t get a crown but I got the embarrassment of having to go on stage and trip over my own feet in front of my whole year group. Oh who am I kidding, I loved it! 

Here’s a cute picture of me with the munchkin. If you can resist that little face there must be a hole where a heart should be. I’m a shorty so she’s going to overtake me scarily soon and maybe then she’ll stop “borrowing” my clothes. 

If you follow me I also promise to make gorgeous cupcakes and ruin everyone’s diets by posting photos. (If you can resist these I need to know how. We could bottle it and make millions.)

I want to be a writer or journalist so I started my blog in order to get some practice and improve my writing skills as well as hopefully write for some other people. Which I can tick off the to-do list now, thanks to Dusty and a few other lovely bloggers.

I will leave you with a link to my most favourite post so far:

And my quote for today: Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to. I saw this somewhere on the internet and decided it needed to be shared with the world. Or the select few who are smart enough to be reading this fabulous blog.

So thank you for reading, if you made it this far and please come visit Girl On Film, read some movie reviews and enjoy! Have a lovely Thursday. Jessica xoxo

Fantastic right! So go over and give her some love, read and follow her or leave a comment below. 

Happy Thursday,


If you want to be featured as a hot tamale give me a shout or I may just ask you myself.


  1. I'm so jealous that i didn't have a blog at 16! Super awesome and I cannot wait to go check out more of the blog!

  2. What a cutie! I loved her quote, it's so true!

  3. So cute, I need you to bake thinning cupcakes, they exist right??


  4. Awesome, she's so level headed and cool :) I will have to check out her blog, googling movie reviews isn't always reliable. I need a trusted source!!

  5. Thanks again Dusty! and everyone who left a sweet comment - hugs to you all :D Thinning cupcakes = genius.