Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Birthday's Past

So, I am going to tell you a story. Since I will be the whopping 41 on Thursday, I thought I would share my 30th birthday with you. Back in the day, this little miss used to have way too much fun. When I turned 29, for a whole year all I could think about was turning 30. I dreaded it. I hated the thought. I talked about it until my friends where like, Gawd can Dusty turn 30 and get this crap over with. So, I gathered up a few friends and family and took our little butts down to the honky tonk and did a little line dancin' and a whole lotta drankin' cause that's what you do when you turn 30 and feel like the world is coming to an end. 

These were some of the best times of my life. I think about it now with the people that I was with and the wonderful relationships and it will never be replaced. I had a blast! So much so that I don't really remember much of it, nor does anyone else, but one of my besties sent me these pics and it made me think about how much I love these people and am so thankful that with such a sucky milestone, they made it fantastic even if they had to fill in the details. And remember these were taken with a disposable camera. Hell, digital wasn't even a thought back then.

My cuz Rachel. Gotta have a "grab the boob shot"
me, my aunt Carla and cuz Jason (I think he had a few drinks)

I have no idea what I was drinking, but it was good I am sure
I had many of them

my aunt's now ex husband. I thought he was a nerd and I also
apparently was very into spanking

dance moves
the same dance moves
and I also apparently didn't believe in wearing a bra
and oh, that shirt, fashion no no! I gave it to Goodwill.
maybe I thought I was skiing

winding down the night..

and the finale
Well, I can't show you that picture, because I don't remember taking it but it involved my wassa. It was a point and shoot moment. There is only one copy, thank you Kodak. And my friend Becca holds it as blackmail.  The fact they even developed it, is hilarious, but I am not sure they knew what it was. I had on black panty hose and remember they had the white panels in the crotch, it really looks like a maxi pad covering the parts. Thank god I groomed is all I can say. I just took the picture and didn't think a thing about it until the film was developed. Oh, well. Not the proudest moment, but looking back on it so funny. We all do crazy things and it was defiantly one of my craziest because anyone that knows me knows how modest I am. I don't even get undressed in front of people, but this night, I had too much fun. Thank you 30th birthday for one of the best birthdays ever. 

Happy Tuesday,


  1. That looks like a fun birthday! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought 30 was the end of the world. :)

  2. Looks like you had a great night. I wasn't too bothered about turning 30, 27 was the birthday I didn't want! For my 30th a group of us spent the weekend at a theme park, it's probably my favourite birthday to date other than my 18th.

  3. Oh my gosh i'm cracking up at the skiing moves!! That's awesome! When i turned 40, myself and 5 of my girlfriends rented a badass cabin in Oklahoma and we had so much fun.
    I wish i was there to celebrate and PARTAY with you.
    Happy Birthday week to you Chica-Litta!

  4. this makes turning 30 look fun. Landon is turning 26 in Jaunary and he is already bitching about it. haha I tell him to shut up, but he won't.

  5. I am so glad I deleted all of the pictures from my 21st. I don't want to be tempted to make a post about them.

  6. I am so happy you did this post. I am turning 30 in a few weeks (on 11/15!) and just like you, for the past year I have been dreading it. But now I am excited. Cheers to November birthdays! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. You are making me laugh so hard that I can't stop coughing right now! haha I love this post and these retro pictures of you. I'm scared to turn the big 3-0 too, but I have a few years. It's good to know that the world doesn't end and I can combat my fears with lots of alcohol!

  8. i believe it that night was a blast. love your dance move, haha. i'm turning 24 next year, that's not even close to 30, but still. i feel like my time is getting less and less. ugh!

  9. this might be one of my favorite posts.
    i don't know if its because i can almost hear you in the pictures... or the fact you look so very into spanking your aunt's ex husband.
    happy birthday week! may it be the best, ever.

  10. Happy Birthday tomorrow!! That birthday sounds epic. And I agree with you that I can't believe your friend actually ended up with that picture. I wouldn't have been surprised is the photo developing place hadn't "accidentally" lost it.

  11. I heart, heart, HEART this post D. What a great birthday. I love looking back.. memories like these are priceless.

  12. can i say... that you look even better at (almost) 41??!!
    because you do.
    and can i also say that i totally cried when i read about your goodbye.
    you CAN do this.
    and some men NEVER grow up. sadly.
    sending love and hugs to you and your precious little guy.
    you're amazing...

  13. Ummmm I turn 30 in March and I hope to have this much fun. Even though now you convinced me that the world is ending when I turn 30.

  14. It definitely looks like an awesome 30th birthday and I don't believe for a second that you are turning 41. You look amazing!

  15. First off - I love that we have the same dance moves. Second of all - I don't care how old you are you gorgeous creature you. And Thirdly - That zebra print top is amazing. Pure an utter tater queen right there.
    love you sissy!

  16. When I turned 29, I was sooooo excited to turn 30. For real, I couldn't wait. BECAUSE I threw the husband of ex (who is a year older than me) an awesome 30th bday party, so I thought I might get one. Turns out, my best friend planned my whole bday...he couldn't be bothered. Oh the memories... LOVE YOU and your almost 41-ness!! :)

  17. I think you are hotter in your 40s....just saying...and I wish I could have been at that little shin-dig!!

  18. Oh I love these 30 y.o. birthday pictures!! I posted just one of my 20 y.o. pictures. My party went about the same way as yours. And you know.. you were gorgeous at 30 and you are going to be gorgeous at 41!! Happy early birthday, lady!!!

  19. Never in my life have I ever been able to go without a bra. Ever since the girls came in, I've been strapped down. I hate it. I have some embarrassing shots too, but they involve my boobs. I never thought to get a shot of my vag. I embrace getting older. Especially because the older I get the more I find young people annoying. Just kidding. Not really.

  20. Looks like a whole lot of crazy fun! I hope to have something similiar when I turn 30 :)

  21. LOL- this post cracked me up! Those are some sweet moves you've got there, still much better than my little white girl wiggle that I've usually got workin'....which is not really cute, hot, or helping at all in the sexy department. I think I've got a few of those wassa shots too, from a friends birthday- to be honest I'm a little weary of pantyhose and leggings ever since! Those things let us down!

    I hope you have a great birthday this year, I wish I could celebrate with you! I'll pull out the white girl wiggle just for you!

    <3 Love ya!!!!!

  22. you know what would have made this better? Pics of you riding a mechanical bull!!!! hahahaha. Seriously I love your aunts ex hubby....he is rocking that car salesmen stache! Dusty you were a major hottie! And still are!

  23. Wow Dusty, you sure know how to make 30... dirty. Haha! Just kidding =).