Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Perfect Stache

It's Wednesday and time for the Tater Queen to deliver another outfit. One of which I would wear probably over and over if I had these items in my closet. Everyone keeps asking me what I am going to do for my birthday? The answer is probably nothing except go to dinner with my son and maybe a few friends later on, but for now I just want it to be quiet. At 41, do you really want to blow it out and feel like crapola the next day? Not really and I am celebrating that I already received the greatest gift seven years ago. But if I was going out I think this would be the perfect outfit for din din with the peeps.

First would be this great t-shirt

Then this plaid shirt underneath

Add these skinny ass dark grey cords

With these fantabulous Frye Boots

And there you have it, a few drinks, good times, gossip and friends. Fun outfit huh! What more could a girl ask for? All of you here with me.

Happy Halloween,

 All goodies can be found on the evil source called Pinterest. Follow me here.


  1. Happy Halloweenie today! I'm not really feeling it, but thought I'd wish that to you :) Love the post

  2. There is no outfit a kickass pair of Frye's can't immediately make cooler. Except maybe a Burger King uniform. Then I have my doubts...

  3. That outfit! LOVE
    Those boots?? Double LOVE!!
    YOU?? Triple LOVE!!
    Hope you have a HAPPY HAPPY HALLOWEENIE!!

  4. lets get the exact same outfit (this one) and go to the middle school dance together, k? Oh wait, I did that MULTIPLE times in my teeny bopper years ha! I have a plaid shirt like that I NEED that stache shirt and those boots!!!!!

  5. That seems like it'd be the perfect birthday outfit for you! I love that tshirt. Happy day before your birthday, I hope it's fabulous. 41 is going to be a fantastical year for you, I can feel it! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Love it love it love it. :) And love you. One year we will celebrate our birthday together! Yes? Yes.

  7. I am tempted to get on pinterest and buy that entire outfit. not lying. Especially because Landon bought not one but TWO video games last night. and nothing for me. So now I'm on a revenge shopping spree. muahaha.

    happy halloween and happy birthweek. love you!

  8. I love that shirt!!

    Hope your birthday is low key for you :)

  9. I love that shirt, it's too funny! :)

  10. girlfriend, I die a thousand deaths over those boots!!

  11. I want that shirt too! Such a cute outfit you've put together! Now following on Pintrest! Woohoo!

    I hope you have a nice birthday, all I wanted this year was a relaxing day too. I hope you know how loved you are, and you feel it too everyday, not just on your birthday :)


  12. I would've put the plaid over it, but that is why you are the fashionista and I am not! Cute outfit fo sho.

    Happy Halloween :)

  13. you deserve that shirt for your birthday. You really, really, really do.

  14. Well, if you MUS Tache, I actually love everything about that outfit! Rock on Sister. I am in love with all things Boots. It's a bad addiction and its too frickin hot to wear boots here. Tomorrow will be 83 degrees. Really?! In October! Can't a girl just wear some boots without looking like a hot mess and not the sexy kind? Oh my, I just ranted on your blog. So anyway, Happy Early Birthday you hot goddess fried pickle eatin ray of sunshine in my life !!! Hugs and kisses.

  15. Those boots give me a boot boner. Boots are a must here with the weather - mine have seen a LOT of use this year so far.

  16. These days if I "party" like I used to when I was in my twenties it takes DAYS to recover. And then I get mad at myself for wasting days in recovery. I find it best to just party moderately, you know?

  17. Dusty.

    You've done it, you've managed to post photos of clothes I would wear. Every single item.

    That has never happened in the history of all of my blog stalking.

    It's like a f***ing miracle.

  18. Clearly you have style. I have no style, if it looks good on the mannequin I go with it.