Monday, October 8, 2012


The weekend is over? Really? Who said? Let me at 'em...Although I am not surprised  Monday just loves to come in there and ruin it for the good of Saturday and Sunday. Since sometimes when I am delusional, I find myself sort of interesting, I thought I would share some of the things I am digging and not digging right now. My weekend was relaxing. Family time, college football, blog reading (shame on me for having 523 unread posts on Blog lovin) and thank goodness I also read these master pieces in my blog list and favorites on my phone. But it was good to catch up on the latest and greatest of the world. But enough of that lets talk about me, well, the crap I am digging and not digging right now.

1. Soup - it's starting to cool off here in Redneckville and you know us southern girls. We can throw dirt and rocks together in a batch of stewed tomatoes add some veggies and call it soup. My family isn't fond of the rocks or dirt unless it's on their clothes or under their fingernails, so I try to get my soup on any other time. I have had Loaded Potato Soup twice this weekend. I can see that hot liquidy things will be a theme in our house this winter.

2. While on the subject of food, I discovered Artisan bread in the bakery specifically Telera sandwich rolls. I sliced, added deli ham and some pepper jack cheese, baked in the oven until the cheese melted and lord, thank god my mama was no where around cause I would have slapped her it was so good. Yummy goodness with a little spicy mustard. Soup and sandwich is what we had for dinner on Sunday.

3. Instagram and Twitter - I love them both. I would rather follow on Twitter and take a glimpse at everyone's life on Insta rather than Facebook. I dig it because it's spontaneous  And sometimes makes no sense and you wonder what the hell? But its fun right at that moment and I love it.

Not Digging
1. Buying a new lip gloss only to get it home and know it's not the same color it looks in the tube. Girls nothing pisses this Tater Queen off than a disappointment in a lip gloss. I have a little of a fetish with it. Always searching for the perfect peachy pink..Suggestions? Leave in the comment box. So when I got home to see that the Smooth Coral was Sheer pink, well, it wasn't a good 5 minutes in the Alley household. It's in the giveaway pile.

2. People who clip or file their nails in public. The other day a lady at work was clipping her nails. I almost vomited.  Then I was in a restaurant this weekend and a lady was filing her nails. I almost vomited. It's disgusting not to mention unsanitary in public. Gross!

3. My dreams. I have had multiple reoccurring dreams and I don't know what they mean. One is all my teeth falling out, the other is about people who used to be significant in my life that are no longer and haven't been there in many many years. Some said my teeth falling out is stress and anxiety. I can dig that. Some say I have unresolved expressions towards these people I am dreaming about. Frig if I know. All I do know is I would like to sleep and if do have a dream, please make it with me boinkchicawowwowing with the members of Bon Jovi. Well, specifically one, but I won't mention his name.. Richie Sambora. 

So, there it is. Dig it. I think I dug it right into the ground, down to the worms. So what are you digging and not digging? What's the perfect peachy pink lip gloss? What do you're dreams mean?  Etc..

Happy Monday,


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.. I am rubbish with instagram, I maybe check it once a week, I like twitter though. I agree with you on all your "not diggings." On holiday I bought what looked like a nice berry coloured lip balm, when I went to put it on it was red and I mean bright red, I wasn't happy.
    I have the teeth dream, although all my teeth fall out but I can't open my mouth and end up with a mouthful of lose teeth, it's awful, freaks me out.
    Have a great week!

  2. Loaded potato soup sounds I eat this nasty ass oatmeal.

  3. I'm waiting for my iphone 5 now (stupid waiting list) and then I can finally have instagram. I have an awful dinky blackberry and i cant wait to be like a big girl with a smart phone.
    Oh and i had chili already almost every other day last week. My heartburn is loving me.

  4. The guys at work clip their nails in the office. Seriously. IN THE OFFICE. It makes me crazy. And it makes me gag.

  5. Richie Sambora, huh? nice.
    and I'm on my way down for some loaded potato soup. it was 38 degrees when I left for work this morning. I need some hot liquidy stuff.

  6. People who clip and file nails in public gross me out too. I can hardly stand to see my husband clipping his toe nails. Ew.

    I've also had the reoccurring dream of having my teeth fall out. I think it is stress! I also have reoccurring dreams of me flying. No, it's not the drugs, I promise!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Happy Monday Tater Queen! We can make it a good one right? :)

    I had some whacky dreams over the weekend too- Yesterday I woke up very puzzled by my long dream and how all of those people fit in with those situations. Strange the way dreams work out right? Maybe I should read a book on it or something...

    Hope you have a great day Dusty! xo

  8. You should also be digging the fact that you win the earrings from my blog! Yay! Let me know where to send them!

  9. I love soup, especially Progresso's Clam Chowder. It is soooooo good! Soup is not my specialty, so I don't make it. LOL We have been having soup weather (although, is it wrong that I can eat soup year round)? LOL

    I haven't joined Instagram or Twitter...I "was" on Facebook, but Facebook started getting on my nerves so I deactivated it 6 months ago. Will probably delete it soon, as I don't miss it at all.

    I have about 50 lip glosses...eek! LOL I'll have to check my untrieds to see if I have anything you might like.

  10. I agree about not liking it when people clip or file their nails in public. I worked with a lady that did it and it drove me crazy. We finally asked her politely to stop. lol.

  11. what the H are these Telera sandwhich rolls you speak of? I think I need them in my life. Rolls and Soup sound DELISH right about now.

    I dig this post. A lot.

  12. SOUP! YUM!! Reason #538 to be thankful for living alone/not being married...I can eat soup 24/7 if I want (he didn't like soup). Life is GREAT! Have an incredible week! :)

  13. I can't stand the lip gloss thing either! I bought one a couple weeks ago that looked like the perfect coral color in the tube...put it on and it was this nasty, too-light, milky peachy pink that looked HORRIBLE on me.

    They should ALWAYS have testers. :(

  14. Totally stress and anxiety. My teeth fall out all of the time and it is the scariest dream/nightmare ever.

    One of our secretaries clips her toenails at her desk. And then I die.

  15. Girl, I understand the dreams issue. I keep having the same, not such sweet dreams, all.the.time.


  16. In public yeah that's way gross! Bleh

  17. I'm so digging soup right now too! I made creamy tomato tortellini last week, yum!!! Sounds like you had a good weekend! Love ya!

  18. I can't stand when people clip their nails in public either! ....You'd think they'd learn by now not to leave their houses until after midnight like the rest of their kind!

  19. I love instagram because I'm a visual person. I don't really understand twitter... don't tell anyone. As for the lipstick not being the color you thought... that shit pisses me off to!

  20. Twitter kills me...I can't keep up, but IG....yes, please! And,so. I would have vomited at the table if I would have seen that lady...I thought women from the South knew better than that. And I don't even want to discuss the dreams I have been having lately!! Thanks for loving me!! And still no snail man!!! Sad face!

  21. i'm totally digging what you dig - only with olive garden zuppa toscana soup (i will make a whole batch and eat it for a week!) but loaded baked potato soup is also the best. and deli -anything- is my favorite. just that it comes from a deli is enough for me ;)
    i, too - have an obsession with lip glosses. currently, i'm all about some revlon super lustrous lip gloss.
    there are about 5 in my drawer that my child plays with because they weren't what i wanted or expected.
    i worked with a guy that clipped his nails at his desk - there were huge machines in between our desks and i still heard it. and it still made my stomach turn.
    and for the dreams, i have had MANY teeth falling out dreams. but i've cracked a few teeth in my day and had extensive dental work.
    you are so funny :)