Friday, October 5, 2012

Tag Your It!

My first ever give away was a pretty good success. I am grateful, thankful and all kinds of full of something that you come over and support me and my whackadoodle antics. So without keeping you on the edge of your seat..

Because we do crap Old School here, my assistant, the Great Kid drew from all the entries

And then I made a stupid sign 

Wait for it

Congrats to Stacia from Mr. Spaghetti face and GLFP. Send me an email with your address so I can get the Target gift card to you so can go buy stuffs! Everyone be nice and congratulate her.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Thanks to all the new followers and the regulars who set on the bar stool night after night and get intoxicated on crazy. I love ya! Oh, I see a country song in the making.



  1. So...I log on, check my reader, come to Dusty's little space and see MY name? I do hope that I'm the only Stacia, as I'm such a loser and NEVER win anything!!!!! (please be me, please be me...)

    THIS...just made my entire, frikin' weekend!!!!! You have no clue, and I'm super smilin' right now :)

    Thanks to your son for pulling my name and thanks to YOU, Dusty....for being so awesome and fun and trendy and....YOU.

    (planning my next trip to target and will blog to tell about it.....)


  2. Congrats Stacia!

    I love how excited your son is, what a cutie.


  3. Congrats Stacia!!! I hope you find a lot of great "stuffs" at Target! LOL Your son is too stinking cute, Dusty! Love it! Have a great weekend!

  4. I love the way your pull your winner!

  5. I love this, such a fun way to pull the winner. :)

  6. intoxicate me with crazy all night long girlfriend!!

    loves you!

    and fine. I'm happy for Stacia!! ;)

  7. yay Stacia! Target rocks and free target ROCKS harder!
    Dusty, your old fashioned is flippin awesome and i wouldnt do it any other way. Your son is precious. His facial expressions are funny.
    I dont even remember now if i signed up for your giveaway. I'll be more observant from now on.

  8. love that ian helped you out! so cute.

  9. Tell my future son in law he is already on his MIL's doo-doo list for not picking me. He is gonna have a rough time of it when he joins the family! ;)

  10. Congratulations Stacia! And happy weekend to you Dusty :)

  11. Ya'll have made me feel extra awesome today!!! Thank you!!!

  12. Congrats Stacia!!!

    Love you Dusty!

  13. I dig the old much more pizzazz!

  14. Love the announcer! Great stuff. Congrats to your winner. :)

  15. I love your kids' sign. I think all giveaways would be more fun if they were announced in such a manner. Good technique, Dusty. Good technique.