Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hot Tamale...Sealed With a Kay

So Yo! It's Thursday and that means Hot Tamale Day! This little chicolette is one of my fav's. We have gotten to know each other threw the blogland, but we also talk about our everyday lives. We have had some great family life convo's as well as helping each other understand this crazy thing called life. It's amazing when you find someone who's life sorta has been down some of the same path's as your's just miles away. I love this girl. She's beautiful and smart and she takes the most amazing pictures. She's always up for the 30 day challenge. So show her some love or else, she's going to whip out her numb chucks next.

Hey! I'm Kayla and I blog over at Sealed With a Kay, but I'm currently happy dancing over here. I feel very honored to be guest posting on Dusty's blog because I think she's the Hottest Tamale. Girls Love Fried Pickles was one of the first blogs I found at the start of blife (blog life) and I've been so glad I have ever since. What's the #1 reason? Dusty. Is. Hilarious. She cracks me up with her unique vocabulary. The amazing thing about her though, is that she's got a sweet side too, it's been a crazy year this year for me, Dusty's been there for me through sweet comments that have made me smile or laugh, and definitely brought a lot of sunshine into my life.

So, about me, well, I'm a mirror ninja, as you can see above. I work behind the scenes for an airline, I'm also a student currently studying psychology. I also live in one of the ghettos of downtown Houston, though not the ghetto you might be imagining. Along with the thugs, bums and tons of people who just seem to wander the streets at all hours (don't you guys have jobs?) we also have farm animals wandering the streets too. I've seen a horse, a few chickens, a rooster and a goat. I'm still waiting for some farm animal hoarder story to come out on T.V. about someone in my neighborhood. I also live with my boyfriend Mike, and our fur-child Zorra. Mike and I have been dating for just over 3 years, and I couldn't have found a better guy for me. He makes me laugh, he's very thoughtful and sweet, and inspires me to be my best-- he's also very easy on the eyeballs. *if ya know what I'm sayin' ;) Take a look for yourself:
My blog is about my life- our travel adventures, recipes, music, local events and crazy stories about my childhood. For example, what it was like growing up with mannequins. Or, the time I met my sister on Myspace. You won't find fashion posts, because I'm not fashionable, I had one of my closest friends tell me once that I had very plain taste...sort of like a grandma. So for your sake, and my own, I'll keep my granny-style to myself.

Come on by and say heyo, or HIYA! - I love new friends and interesting blogs to read.

See Hot Snot huh! Go see her, follow along and leave her some love right here on this blog as well. And if you wanna be featured as a Hot Tamale, give me a shout!

Til Tomorrow,


  1. Hiya Kayla!! I'm Holli (last week's Hot tamale) and i'm also a Texas girl!
    Dang you and your honey are the cutest couple (well next to me and my honey of course). If you're a friend of Dusty's ,i know i'll like ya! I'm heading over to your blog now.

  2. oh I will be checking her out for sure!

  3. Aww, I'm teary! You got me! Thank you so much Dusty! I love ya too, and I'm so glad I found you and your hilarious blog! Thank you for always offering up solid advice, and making me laugh!

    <3 <3

  4. Now following her, thanks Dusty

  5. Definitely going to go and check out her blog.

  6. thats awesome!!


  7. I love your hot tamales because they are all fabulous women! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Going to check her blog out now!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings