Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hot Tamale..Life, Actually

So it's a new year of Hot Tamale's. I love this girl. She's funny and has the cutest pup pup. I love her because she's real and she says what she means. But you have to care deeply about a sister and a friend who supports our troops. So go over and say hello, follow along and make her new year special. She truly deserves it. 

Hey guys! I'm Stephanie and I blog over at Life, Actually. If you visit me, you'll read stuff about: life, family, love, my crazy dog (Walter), our fun adventures and photography.

You can read more about me here. And, you can read about Walter here.

Something new that I'm experiencing (that actually started in November) is my brother being deployed. This is his very first deployment and I've never had a sibling/significant other/etc be deployed before (I've had friends deployed a lot, but nobody that I was super close to)

My brother is lucky, he has a huge support team here at home. He has been gone only a month and has two care packages on the way already. He has Internet access almost daily so he can get on Facebook and Skype and talk to all of us. He's lucky on that aspect. He has a ton of support. I am so thankful for that.

Not everyone that is over there is as lucky as him. I was doing some reading and found out that there are plenty of soldier with nobody at home. Or no one that has access to the Internet that can chat with them regularly. Or no one that can afford to send them care packages. They don't have the support that will help them get through a deployment.

Then, I stumbled upon a website where you can link up with deployed soldier to be pen pals (via e-mail mostly). I found a lieutenant who was asking for support for his unit. I emailed him and he told me his next unit arrives right before Christmas (how sad...right before the holidays) and that he would link me up with a soldier (or soldiers) to chat with while they are deployed. I can't wait. I would love to help support these guys while they are gone...even if it is just by emailing them.

If anyone would like to help a soldier, either by becoming an email pen pal or by sending care packages, please email me (stephylee00[at]gmail[dot]com). I can get you the lieutenant's email address and/or mailing address.

Anywho, hope y'all enjoy my blog!

Happy 2013!

See pretty cool huh! Again, go over and say Hi and follow her on Twitter as well. She's a loyal follower and a hoot! Thank you Stephanie for being a Hot Tamale! Big hugs!



  1. Loveeeee you!!!

  2. Nice to meet you Stephanie! Best of luck to your brother and you all seem like such a great support to him! I couldn't imagine going so far away from home and not having a solid support system keeping up with me. I think the support helps to keep a person centered. We have a few friends who are deployed and a few that just got back, it's such a relief to know that they are ok and so nice to be able to log in to Facebook to check on the few who are still out! Heading over to check out Life, Actually now :)

    Thank you Dusty!

    1. Thank you so much!!! We're lucky he has internet access and can get on Facebook/email/skype/etc. :)

  3. Hi stephanie! Sounds like a great program for our soldiers. Thank you to your brother for his service!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. I love that she is supporting her solider and other soldiers. So sweet!

  5. Stephanie! I just realized you weren't in my bloglovin' feed, but that is fixed now. From my little military wife heart...thank you for supporting our troops!

  6. Hey Stephanie..followed you here through your blog.. it is wonderful to get to know more about you and your support for the troops.. praying your brother stays safe.

  7. Melt my heart! Give your brother a BIG thank you hug from me! May God keep him safe and strong. True heroes!!

  8. Oh I love the picture of her and her brother! You know how I feel about brothers in the military, so special! You picked a good one to start the year off right! xo

  9. My thoughts are with your brother, I've deployed and he'll be ok!! A support system is huge!

  10. I LOVE stuff like this! This is why I made Will share the care packages and we did the Warrior cards. The soldiers need ALL the love they can get! Good for both of you for getting the word out. It melts my heart!