Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Is It Really 2013 Already?

Oh, hello! Remember me? That's right the blogger that hasn't posted in over a week. Why? Cause I didn't feel like it. I didn't have the words. I have had 10 days off and so much planned and you want to know what I did? Nothing. Well, I bought a shoe organizer and arranged my closet. That's it. I said I was going to paint. Didn't happen. I said I was going to work on my upcoming shop. That didn't happen. I thought about going to the movies. That didn't happen.

What I did was sat on my butt. You would think planting my gluteous would have made it into a flat pancake. But nope, Fluffy is still here. I Pinterest'd until my eyeballs couldn't take it anymore. As a matter of fact, I am writing this blog at 6:30 pm, New Year's Eve and will hit publish and go back to the iPad..and Pinterest. 

My Christmas was good except a few bumps and my New Year's is spent with the most important man in my life, The Kid. I am fairly certain, we fell asleep before midnight. 

So I will get to my 2012 wrap up and my wishes for 2013 in another post, but today I want to say Happy New Year to all of my friends and family. I can tell you that in some of my despair the past year, it has been this blog that has help me feel laughter, brought me tears and made me feel worthy. I am grateful for this outlet. 

I hope this blog grows but not because I am selling products or trying to convince the world as I have tried to do in the past that I am better than The Daybook. I mean seriously, I am not delusional. Well, some of the time, but I want people to come and enjoy a little space that deals with the trials and tribulations of life, but mostly laughter. This is a lifestyle blog. It has a little of this and that and I continue in 2013 to stay on that path. I like showing off other's blogs because that's how we grow and meet each other and honestly if it wasn't for some of the wonderful comments and inspiration from this community, I might have just been sad most of this last year. I am grateful.

So, Happy New Year to everyone. I adore you. I love you and I thank you. Here is to a better 2013.

Happy New Year Friends,


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  2. Happy new year, and no problem with not posting, sometimes you just need a break. (But have to say I am so glad you're back!)

  3. you've been a rock for me this year. I love you so much.

  4. Happy New Year Dusty! Wishing you a happy and healthy 2013! You deserve nothing but the best. :) Thanks for such an amazing blog all the time.

  5. Happy New Year! It's okay to take a break! We all need them every now and again! As long as you return! ;)

  6. happy new year! no worries, we all have breaks- and yours sounds pretty nice :)

  7. that is one weird anonymous comment above!! Lol

    hunny, Happy New Years!!! May 2013 bring more than you could ever dream or wish for!

  8. Haha, the anonymous comment is just so random that I had to laugh...

    Happy New Year to my beautiful friend! Cheers to an amazing 2013 and new beginnings! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. Happy New Year! :) It's the year that all kinds of fantastic shit'll happen! :P

    Steph xxx

  10. Excited to have found your blog! :)


  11. Oh man the first comment, wtf, lol. I bet that made your NYE! I know you've had a rough go in 2012, I wish all the best for you in 2013 :)

  12. Dusty, you're my fav. You're just the sweetest and I actually envy your fluffy butt. I was not blessed with any booty. That makes me sad, and makes my pants make this flopping noise when I walk most of the time. I would even settle for a flat butt I think, but no, everyday just this nub. LOL

    But for serious, you make me smile, A LOT and laugh even more. Thank you for being such a positive and hilarious part of my day to day. 2012 brought me you as well and I couldn't be more grateful for that! Love you and The Kid :)

  13. Love this post! I had 10 days off from work and didn't do shiz either. Even though I had a zillion plans. It was great :)

  14. happy new year! here's to a great 2013!!

  15. i had to read this crazy comment.. wth?? haha. oh my...

  16. Oh friend. You are my favortie. And my mom's favorite. Come visit us. I might start blogging again if only to be a better part of your world.