Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kitchen Aide

So you know how I talked yesterday about changing my kitchen, well, I thought I would just continue you on, show you what I am dreaming and see what you think. First, a little back story. I am a country girl at heart. Now don't get it wrong, no deer heads because looking at their eyes freak me out. You know just like those beastly Peeps that are in the stores right now. I avoid them at all cost in the grocery store. The creep me the eff out. Weirdo fact #1.

But I like pretty things. Things that are worn. Items that look like they tell a story. I want to look at something and say this reminds me of a time when...... And even though I can turn into a honey badger in two point two seconds, I am still a girly girl at heart. 

So, with that said, I am not a contemporary girl at all. I don't like cool stark rooms with alot of black or white and metal and I am not one for off the wall patterns. But I will say that I like to mix and match a little old and a little new. As long as the room tells a story. Okay, there's my interior design advice. Want anymore, send me a email. 

I am attracted to Cape Cod style homes. I love New England. The feel of an old cedar shake home overlooking the ocean is honestly where I dream to live one day with endless Hunter boots and shopping at the local seafood market. So, I am in love with cottage type homes and the decor. A hodge podge of goodies and treasures you find and make them fit into your own home. Something weathered and re purposed. Oh, to take a wooden pallet and make a coffee table out of it or a picture frame with left over wood. Heaven.

When I start a project, I look for inspiration. Something takes me to a place of imagination. A color, a texture and how it makes me feel. 

My inspiration was this tea cup. I love the mixture of the old world pattern and the worn turquoise blue with the pure white. 

So, I want to paint my kitchen which is now a two toned tan color with white washed cabinets, a more subtle burlap color very light but the more I see these cottage white walls the more I become inspired to do this. Which I will instantly regret because of dirty 8 year old hands and muddy dogs. but the real stand out piece is my island which I want to cover with bead board and paint this pretty turquoise, robin's egg, weathered color. I also want to repaint my cabinets white. Here are a few examples of the color and style of kitchen I am dreaming of.

This kitchen has all my elements, bead board, brick, that little yellow oven to add character and that color, oh, that color on the cabinets.

This kitchen has alot of the elements I also love. The white is a little too stark for me but there's that island. Oh, and that color again.

This room even as an office makes me swoon. I also have a cabinet in my kitchen that I want to repaint. Oh, and there's that color again. A little more blue grey but these walls, I would have to repaint my wooden kitchen table...oh, the possibilities.

Source: via

So there you have it. My color inspiration for my island. One day to have a farmhouse kitchen sink but for now just to add a little color. What do you think? I know this look isn't for everyone but that color is inviting and calm right? And isn't your home a reflection of who you are? This makes you want to just come, eat biscuits and drink sweet tea.

Happy Wednesday friends. Find something inspirational and inviting today.


  1. this would be so stunning! that's the kind of house i aspire to live in as well, especially the by-the-sea part :)

  2. I like that first kitchen! Gorgeous!

  3. Lovin' those looks! What a beautiful homey feel to them!

  4. I think it's beatiful! DO IT! That last picture is my master bath color inspiration!

  5. I love your inspiration kitchens. You need to do a before and after shot of your changes. I wish we lived close- we could have a painting party and drink sweet tea during our breaks. xoxo

  6. I agree with you, I like things more 'laid back looking" not modern-y. love your inspirations very pretty.

  7. Love the colors and ideas! Very much my style as well. The future hubs and I are still home-less come the wedding, but we picked green as our kitchen color. It happens to be both of our favorite color and it's calming to me. Can't wait to have a place to decorate!

  8. My dream kitchen would have a giant farmhouse sink. If Andy had his way out whole house would be black, white, chrome, and wood. Not happening in Bungtown. No way.

  9. You love New England!? Well come on up here girl, we welcome you with open arms! You and my husband have the same taste in home decor. He loves the country/rustic/cottage feel. I do too, but not to the extent that he does. I love furniture pieces that are different colors in a room (but tied together somehow), which is what I did with our family room!

    xo, Yi-chia

  10. Justin is from New England. Don't tell him you love it or he will make me move there.

    But if all of the kitchens look like that, I AM SO THERE. Very lovely.

  11. That tea cup is amazing inspiration! Love it. :)

  12. God, i'm in love!
    i want that kitchen and i don't even cook

  13. I love little pops of color in kitchens. It's unexpected. Also, that yellow oven? That is the cutest.

  14. Holy crap, the more I read your blog the more I realize we're soul sisters! I LOVE all these inspiration pics! Cape Cod and New Englad cottage style? My favorite!

  15. I love the color, it is very cozy.. can't wait to see what you do!