Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cozy Wednesday & One Obsession

It's a cold, rainy Wednesday in Tennessee. A good cozy day. So I am going to snuggle up and watch my favorite new show "Revenge". Now onto my obsession.... I am obsessed with finding a pair of clogs. Blame it on being a product of the 70's but I am determined. I found a pair at Forever 21 for $6.99, went back to buy them and GONE! I searched eBay for weeks thinking someone would put them on there to sell. Nothing yet. So I was blog searching and came across this cutesy tootsie girl and her look of the day, scrolled down and what to my wondering eyes appear but a beautiful set of the most perfect clogs. I click the site and they are from Spain... Ugh! So after transferring the money into United States and sending an email with a response of "we ship worldwide" I go to order. ..and they are $79. Not bad you say, well, until you ship them..$36 dollars to send them overseas. The other problem I have is I have no idea what my shoe size is in Timbuktu. So, I go research what my size would be in England, which who knew, I thought all those people just drank tea and wore riding boots and I still don't get it, but I am still on my quest. I will find my clogs and if anyone knows where I can find a pair like these, please let me know. Until then, here is an outfit I put together for Cozy Wednesday. I would have totally wore this outfit today...if I had these CLOGS!


(source unknown)





Happy Wednesday everyone! XO, D

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  1. Uh K! I am OBSESSED WITH ALL THAT STUFF TOO! Thanks SO much for linking up to my blog, I hope you can link up again next Wednesday! Have a GREAT weekend! :)