Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ditch the LBD

It's almost that time for the endless Christmas parties. I think I have four total this year. Every year, we all search for the perfect outfit (that we wear over and over) because lets face it unless you see these people at the same function, they have no clue you're recycling your outfit. And until I become some high society piece, this girl will be wearing the same thing just respraying the perfume to refresh it. All the mag's right now are featuring the "LBD" (little black dress for my fav redneck friends). But I am not a fan of dresses. I think my legs look like two turkey legs fighting to make a wish. If you see me in a dress, it means one of two things - I have had a moment of pretty or all my jeans are dirty. Don't get me wrong. I have dresses and I see them on others and want them so bad. Maybe one of my resolutions for 2012 will be to wear more dresses. So this year, I say ditch the little black dress and wear something unexpected; a conversation piece. You know something the administrative assistant will say, "did you see what Dusty was wearing at the Christmas party, the nerve!" Which means she secretly liked it but didn't have the kahunas to wear it or it could mean she secretly wants to be a hooker for her night job. 

Any hoot, this is what I am thinking my rebels:

Start with the innocent: Pearls

then throw on these: Velvet flare pants

something that shows your personality
Barbie T

slip on

the unexpected
This faboo fur jacket!

I think I might just give my left pinkie toe for that jacket. I would walk in, go straight for the wine bar and grab the IT guy and convenience him to do the Electric Slide in this outfit. So girls, ditch the LBD, do something unexpected and have fun for 'Tis the Season To Be Jolly. Do you have your outfit picket out yet?

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Happy Holidays,


  1. this is SO you dusty!! so hoboken ;-)

  2. That is the perfect holiday outfit I love it!!

  3. so cute! love it! i used to have black velvet pants when i was in 7th grade! hot stuff!!! that would be a 90's trend i wouldn't mind trying again ;)

  4. I loooove those shoes. I need to buy a pair of heels and just wear them 24/7. I wore wedge heels on my wedding day and almost broke my neck, ankle and face.

  5. oh you know me too well i would totally be the one that would be like "fur jacket what the" and secretly really wish i was as cool as you to be able to pull it off :/lol

  6. How cute! I'm in love with those oxford style heels, and the fur jacket! LOVE! :) Found you via Rolled Up Pretty!

  7. I must have these shoes! Seriously! Love them! Found you via link party. :O)

  8. I love the pearls and the shoes! The Barbie shirt is pretty cute too. :)