Friday, December 9, 2011

I wanna feel that Fire

As part of the holiday season, I wanted to do something fun and have a guest post every Friday where another wonderful blogger talks about their own holiday traditions and favorite memory. Today I want to introduce you to Jennifer of I Wanna Feel That Fire. She is adorable. Today you will find me guest posting on her site here. I hope you also click over and read my favorite Christmas memories and traditions. In the meantime,  show her some love, talk about her, tell your friends and share because that's what the season is all about..Sharing.

I have a lot of really wonderful Christmas memories but I have one that stands out the most. When I was a kid my grandma always went crazy overboard buying/making presents for me, my sister and my cousins. One year my parents knew that of course she would do that but also knew that my grandparents had had a rough year financially but that she would still do what she always did for us. So, my parents decided to save a littler extra money in the few months before Christmas and the week before Christmas we went and bought a WHOLE BUNCH of food and put it in boxes and wrapped them up so that we could take them to my grandparents house in Christmas morning. When they opened the boxes they were so shocked and touched by this gift. I think it really meant a lot to them.

I've only been with my husband for a year so we are still trying to start our traditions but so far one of our traditions is to decorate our front yard for Christmas the weekend right after Thanksgiving. I'm hoping to have more traditions next year and the years after.

My name is Jennifer. I've been a stay at home mom for 2 years and I love it (I'd never judge a working mom for their choice). I'm hoping to have another baby in the next year or 2. I love to blog about my family, my life, my thoughts, stuff I make or cook. I love to sew and I'm pretty crafty. Love love love books. I'd rather have a book in my hands than a kindle or something like that. Love to take pictures. And I secretly want to sing in a band but I'd probably get horrible stage fright and most likely pee myself!

Isn't she too cute and she Instagram's like a wild woman. So follow Jennifer on her blog, pinterest, and twitter. Have a Merry Christmas.


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