Wednesday, January 25, 2012

look look

Well, its not really an official fashion post, but sort of. I am still a scaredy cat, but I wanted to give you the 411 on what I am loving this week and a little surprise, well, its not all that climatic but since I vary rarely post pics of myself, to some its a yahoo. If I could gain one follower or comment out of this post I will be shocked. You see my words and pictures but don't get to see me but it's coming I promise. After I work out like a supermodel and the weather cooperates.

First, I have searched for a shirt like this forever. I saw one last year on Net-A-Porter, but Net can tell Porter to fly a kite because I wasn't paying $200 bucks for it. But I found this little diddy on H&M (and you know my obsession with them) which is funny because we don't have one in Tennessee (insert mad face here).

Then with the weather in Tennessee being unpredictable, snow three weeks ago and now the rain every other day and up and down temperatures. We are all fashion impaired right now. But I love these boots. I want a pair of Hunter boots but the price tag is a little off my budget, but it's on my wish list this year so I will save up. I love these mid calf instead of the tall ones. A little more versatile. 

Aren't they adorable? Some cute socks, rolled up boyfriend jeans, ooowee doggies. Love. So now, you've read my quest for clogs or you should have. If not, check my catergory, Tater Queens Fashion Inspirations for that post. I found a pair over in Spain and they will be in my closet before the year is up, but I found a steal. These beauts at K-Mart. That's right K-Mart for ..wait for it, $12.00. Ahhh, I am satisfied just like a Swedish girl in a Riccola commercial.

 I have wrote numerous times about my quest for this jacket. 

And finally, here is my beautiful jacket that my mom made. I love it. I am so proud of it. Yes, that's me, in deep conversation using my hands like I do. That's a vintage Barbie t-shirt  and hat from Old Navy. Isn't it awesome? Oh yes, sexier than boots on a duck!

So, there ya go some inspiration and sort of fashion post but thank gawd someone took a picture of my good side. Happy Wednesday everyone. Hope you have some fashion inspiration this week. Purty up!



  1. My friend and I were skyping last night discussing fashion and sharing tons of links back and forth of cute outfits on Pinterest. We both decided that we're going to do better about our fashion, because you can put together super cute outfits without much work or expense. Keep the fashion inspiration coming!! :)

  2. you seriously look good in every single hat! you are a hat girl!!

  3. I don't know where you are in TN, but there's a H&M in Atlanta...which for me is a little over an hour away...guessing you aren't this far east though. I love, love, love the hat and the boots.

  4. You are so funny.. you look GREAT! I like your inspirations.. i've totally been coveting Hunter boots. Now set up that tripod and snap away girl! ;)

  5. I agree with Ruthie... youre adorable in a hat!
    ps i nominated you for an award!
    check it out here:

    xo Erika

  6. :) :) :)
    I have Hunters...It took me forever to commit, but they are worth every penny!!
    I especially like the short ones!
    Love, Leigh

  7. I just got Hunter boots when I moved to San Fran. Obsessed! Loving your blog :)

  8. LOVE the plaid shirt! I really want one.