Monday, January 23, 2012

stupid cool

Stupid Cool. Have ever heard of it? Yeah, me neither so if you haven’t then I take full credit for making it up. If its out there and I am just now getting on the train, then obviously I am uncool. It’s kind of like when my grandmother used to say, “it’s so ugly its cute.” Did anyone ever say that to you? My grandfather had an English Bulldog named Magoo. Loved that dog. She used to say he was so ugly he was cute. Stupid cool could be along same lines as “bless your heart” but not all the way there. Here’s what I mean.

At Christmas the line to Starbucks was wrapped all the way into the women’s section in Target. I thought why would you wait in line for an hour for a Carmel salted frappe whappe minus the skinny minnie, pay $5 dollars for a cup of hyped up jo.  How stupid is that? But you receive your coffee and then you become cool because you’re carrying around a Starbucks cup, shopping throughout the store because everyone thinks your cool when you drink Starbucks coffee in “the cup.” Yeah, you become “stupid cool.”

We spent New Years in the Great Smokey Mountains. Doing a little sightseeing, we drove by these people bungee jumping. Five stories in the air, walk to the edge and jump! How stupid is that? Well, you pay $50 bucks, climb to the top platform, and let some stranger fasten clasps and ropes around your ankles and then cowabunga! There you go, head first. Then as your feet reach the ground you are suddenly cool. Cool to your friends, cool to yourself, you purchase the video, action photo and t-shirt and $250 dollars later. You’re “stupid cool.”

At Halloween, kids dress up and as parents, we think they are the cutest things since peanut butter and jelly, but as adults we dress up and you go to a party, see everyone and think, oh my gawd, we as adults actually took the time to look like Britney Spears, the President or an ugly vampire. How stupid is that? This day is all about being stupid because in the end it’s so cool because we used our imaginations and had a blast. For one day out of the year it’s okay to be “stupid cool”.

And finally, I saw a chickolette carrying a very expensive handbag. Oh, and carrying it just by the handle and the rest was dangling to the ground. I am looking at her like, really, you own a Louis and you’re lugging it around like it was old luggage. How stupid is that? First off, I can think of 10 things I can buy with $1000 bucks. Pretty stupid you shell out that much money for a handbag just for the name, but lord, oh lord, I would love one time just to be that girl with a Louis handbag. I can’t even afford to sniff the leather, but I sure would like to walk around being hot to trot and “stupid cool”.

So there you have it. Stupid cool. In some way, we all are stupid cool. It’s not a bad thing. It just means that in the choices we make in life, we all sometimes are lacking in judgement, but it sure feels good to be cool no matter the cost.

Happy Monday my friends. Be stupid cool today!



  1. Haha, awesome post. I completely agree! I love Starbucks just as much as the next person, but when I spend almost my entire lifesavings just to get a small, most times I can pass up that opportunity to look stupid cool! :)

  2. lol you crack me up dusty...seriously!!!!!!!! and you may be sad to hear this...but my dad says Ernie is so ugly he's cute. :-( hehehe

  3. I LOVE this and your blog! Keep it coming!!!!