Friday, February 24, 2012

My week in Instagram & Pixlr

Happy Friday to all. Hope your weekend is filled with lots of fun and pictures. Here is my week in Instagram and Pixlr. 

yummy candy at the party store

Peek a Boo! I see you! Pixlr pic

these puppies where setting on my door step Friday 
when I arrived home, LC hooker heels

this lot of makeup for a total of $16 smacks
the blush is amazing, great knock off of
Nars Orgasm

thy workout once the "roid" goes away
sister and I are on our ways to the bikini 
Tracy Anderson Metamorphisis

So there you have it. A fun week and I love looking at all the photos on Instagram. Follow me on Twitter to see all my photos. Happy Weekend!



  1. I love your hooker heels...sometimes I wish I had a job that required me to dress up. But then I remember how much I love wearing jeans and flats :-)

  2. Those heels are adorable!! LOVE!

  3. Those heels are fabulous! You have such a great blog! Glad I found it :)

  4. I don't believe in Twitter, so I won't follow you, I thought I should tell you for our bloggerships sake. I believe in following for Kelly Oxford, who doesn't. Tell me you follow her.

    I thought about giving up candy for lent, it was the most hilarious thing that ran through my head this week.

  5. Love those hooker heels mama! Hope you'll be strutt'n em soon!

  6. I would pee my pants if I saw that much candy in one place. Oh, the places I'm GOING to go!

  7. Yum - that photo is perfection...I love the pink tint.

  8. woww what an awesome deal on all that wonderful makeup! :) now following you on twitter! xoxo

  9. those are some sweet hooker heels =) love em..!

  10. I love the photo in the candy shop, and those shoes. Awesome. :)

  11. Sexy, SEXY shoes!! Love them!! And candy. :)