Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two Cents Thursdays

If you have followed along this week, well it’s been interesting. It’s not been a rock your socks off type of week really, but worthy of a few two cents. Here what I am pondering this week.

My weekend started out with a birthday party for my son. He turned 7. We called it “Ian’s Winter Olympics Birthday Party”. The kid was born in February. Prime time snot season. So, I wondered how many people would cancel. I actually at one point asked “Duh” why he couldn’t have knocked me up so the child could have a warm birthday party filled with pony rides and slip-n-slide. But it turned out to be a great crowd. The kids did sack races, marshmallow toss, pin the tail on the donkey and a piñata. I love children. You can get them to do anything. So much fun watching them fall flat on their faces, bean each other with marshmallows, twirl in circles and get dizzy to bust a piñata and pin a tail on a donkey. Suckers!!!!!!!!!!!! But geez busting a piñata takes forever. It’s like the owl on the tree when he says how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop..three. Well, not a piñata, and $60 dollars worth of candy later, it was sugar high for all involved and no need to thank me parents. Your welcome and lose my address when your kid needs a new grill when his teeth rot out from the bucket o’ candy he or she received.

The weather here in Tennessee is crazy. Snow Sunday, pea size hail on Wednesday and 67 degrees today. It’s the apocalypse, I swear.  I don’t know whether to kiss a snowman or bring out the Daisy Dukes and wash my car like a bad Whitesnake video. (Gawd, I think I just told my age)

Did you read my blog yesterday? Well, a little update...I didn’t insert the bullet just yet. I am trying a homeopathic approach. I stay home and not go down that path just yet.

And finally, did anyone watch the Whitney Houston funeral? I did, in the midst of party planning, I was glued. I cried at the end. I mean how long does it take to bury someone? That bastard Bin Laden shot dead, thrown out to sea for shark food and wallah! Done like a New York strip steak  in a day. I think when I go; I want to be carted around in a car like the guy from Weekend at Bernie's. Remember that movie? Put me some sunnies on, lip gloss, tape a smile on my face and let’s go for a drive and maybe some volleyball on the beach if this is the new standard to funerals.

Hope your week has been delish! What’s your two cents today?



  1. My birthday is in October and my sis was born in March so we both have had the "pleasure" of being sick on our b-days...Really sucks!
    P.S. I did read yesterday's post, I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I love that you guys played old fashioned games at Ian's the tail on the donkey is classic! We actually played pin the "shlong on Jon" at my bachelorette party hahahah

  3. That sounds like my kind of party. I would love to watch kids fall on their faces! Maybe that will be the main even at my birthday..

  4. haha hope your homeopathic treatment goes well!

  5. I love children. You can get them to do anything

    The apocolypse.

    I've decided to move to Tennessee, so you can make me laugh, only 3D real life style. I laugh harder reading your blog, then I do reading anyone elses. Perhaps its because you're the funniest. Good job. You win.

    2 cents from Thursday? It was a total bitch.