Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hola Saturday

I know, don’t fall out of your chairs. I don’t usually blog on Saturdays cause that’s family time. Although I set at my computer half the morning and catch up on blogs and comments. But I sometimes have to because I am appreciative that anyone even remotely mentions me in their blog. Being a sweet southern bell, you say thank you.  So today is a day of thanks and fun stuff. Take a gander at these lovely ladies. They are awesome!

First let me say thank you to Grace over at Grace Loves Iggy blog. She bestowed the Liebster Blog award to me. I love receiving this award. So sweet. She has a adorable family and I love her little boy’s name is Iggy. How cute is that?

Next my baby face Anna at A Sweet Southern Mess gave me the Sunshine Award. She is so sweet. So here are a few facts about me. Make a note. I am so complex with these answers I don’t know if anyone will ever understand me..HA!

My favorite color? Pink, what can I say, I am a girly.
Favorite animal? All animals. I love animals. I’d rather set a human on fire than an animal. I currently have two wonderful beasts. Yellow labs, Mille and Libby.
Favorite number? 6
Favorite non alcoholic drink?  Mt.Dew, my kidneys say thank you.
Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Either/Or. Since I have been blogging, I prefer to read interesting people. Facebook tends to get catty because people think what you post is about them and it’s not. Twitter is fun because its instant update.
My passion? Life.
Prefer getting or getting presents? Both, I didn’t say I was Saint Mary. And I am not going to lie and say, oh, it makes me feel so much better to give than receive. We all know that but sometimes its nice to be appreciated.
Favorite pattern? I am a hippie girl at heart so I like all the paisley mix match patterns. I can say for sure that large strips aren’t my friend.
Favorite Day of the week? Friday.
Favorite Flowers? I love roses. The yellow ones with the red/orange tips.

Finally, Katie over at The Lee Family Happenings sent the SevenXSeven award my way. This pretty lady is too sweet, has the cutest little boy and is pregnant with her second child. Oh, and she is 2 pounds soaking wet pregnant. I was a whale when I was that far along. Really, they Free’d Willie when I got pregnant. Thank god for diet plans. So here are my SevenxSeven.

7 Facts

I have naturally curly dark brown hair, but I put the kibosh on the brown and now I pretend it’s the color of Jennifer Aniston's.

I am not really from Hoboken, but I pretend that I am.

I hate to shave my legs, but I do it.

I am currently obsessed with redoing my house.
I love to cook

I don’t sugar coat anything. I usually speak my mind.

I love taking photos with my new iPhone.

7 Posts

So there you have it. Thank you so much to these beautiful chicks. I am humbled every time I receive one of these. I feel accepted into blog land. I sorta didn't follow the rules. Sorry, I have a hard time picking blogs because I think everyone is great. 

Happy Day everyone!



  1. You go girl! Congrats!!! The sunshine award is my fave bc your bloggy is so sunshine-y and fun... too perfect :)

  2. You deserve all these awards!! :)

  3. Dusty you are such a sweetheart! I'm glad you won all of these! I love your blog. I know I'm going to laugh every time I read it :)

  4. I love giving presents. I seriously almost hate getting them. Hate. Such a prideful brat I am.

    I love that you don't candy coat anything, it's why I love you. There are a lot, A LOT of fake people in blogland who never post a single thing that even matter. Whoa, I'm so sweet huh.

    You know I love you. But I love you more on weekdays, the end. Your bff.. was here.

    One day you'll vlog. And on that day I will send you a present.

  5. While we're on the subject of awards, I get the award for the longest comments.

  6. Haha! This post made me totally happy. :) I hope you are having a blessed week!