Thursday, March 8, 2012

Two Cents Thursdays

I am drained. This week has been a doozy. But I thought I would give you my two cents and then fill ya in on some Insta photos. 

First, work sucks..enough said. The stress of it makes me want to flog people.

Second, anyone see the picture of Jessica Simpson on the cover of Elle nude and prego? I was all about it and a bag of chips until she said, she would die if her child asks for Nike's instead of Christian Louboutins. Really, how about shoes from Wal-mart? That might send her right to the loony bin. 

I shaved my legs. So sorry for the gorilla that entered my pipe drain.

Easter's coming. Evil candy people already have the candy sent out and I am purchasing it. My weakness is Robin Eggs. I will eat them until I poop rainbow colors for weeks. Oh, wait that's Starburst's. There good get some. 

(In my most southern Steel Magnolia voice) My son is sevuuuuun....And if he doesn't watch his mouuuuth, he's going to need a new dentissssssssst. This is also followed by lots of eye rolling, hand swaying and the sarcastic smiling. Ugh, why do they have to talk and think they know it all. This is for all the pregnant blog girls who are just soooooooooooo happy to be knocked up. Just you wait! You'll long for the days when they just point and grunt.

Ok, onto the photos. These are the days of my life that I bring you you on Thursday because I am too tired to rant and rave.

we live 3 minutes from this New York style pizza joint
its the devil
every year they say Uggs are out
Victoria Beckham said you won't catch her in public in a pair
that's because her 1 inch round legs probably can't keep them on
Proud Ugg American
She had twins..what's my excuse?
this bombed my house last Friday
thank you Tornado, the bath tub was a lovely place to pray
my drink of choice
this is how I survive the days of insanity
self portraits
I decided after I posted this yesterday I am Vangogh 

So there you have it. Did you like how I have a pizza, Mt. Dew and a fitness magazine in the same blog? Yeah, slow process this workout stuff. But I am getting there. I did the 5 minutes of jump rope. Four minutes and 55 seconds of it was deep breathing. 

Happy Thursday. Give me your two cents.



  1. That pizza looks soooooo good!! ...and it's only 8am!!! That drawing still cracks me up! LOL!! ps. Thanks for sticking with me on my blog! ;)

  2. Gosh those are some serious hail stones! Never seen them that big.
    That pizza looks delicious!
    Stated following your blog.....and looking forward to more self portraits ;)

  3. so sorry for the gorilla that entered my pipe drain? i just about snorted reading that and woke up my roommate.

    xx jes

  4. Love this post :) I too love robin eggs, they are my favorite!

  5. I was just looking at the jessica simpson picture with two ladies I work me it looks like a LOT of retouching!!!!!!!!!

  6. I shaved my legs. So sorry for the gorilla that entered my pipe drain.

    The evil candy people?

    OMG, I just effing love you so much. You're my favorite bff in all the land.

    Guess what, I gagged when I saw Jessica Simpson. Mostly becasue I HATE her.

  7. I'm already wishing Lyla still pointed and grunted! She is so sassy! And now she tells people to quit being a sassy pants (but sounds like sexy pants)! Oh and I have a 14 year old niece to remind me what that'll be like!

    That pizza looks sooooo good!

  8. Maybe I am the rudest person alive, but Jessica Simpson naked prego, grossed me out! Even maternity photo shoots people do with their naked bellies or completely naked with fabric around their titties makes me ill. Whew!

  9. i'm still in love with your self portrait. it's thursday!!!! week's almost done with, hold on!

  10. I love your blog! And I LOVE Robin's Eggs. The Easter candy is the death of me I swear.

  11. Love the name of your blog because well, it's true. I eat fried pickles at least once a week these days (no seriously). And I also love Robin Eggs! Another holiday for an excuse to stuff my face with sugar (yay?)


  12. Easter candy is pure evil... I cannot stop eating it if its around! And Uggs are never going out of style in my book. I'm glad there are other gals out there to make Uggs look good :) Happy (almost) Friday!!!

  13. hahaha has it really been that long since you shaved your legs? you might need to pour some drano down that thing! ; )

    and actually i do have kind of a big head. really.

  14. you are too cute. :) yeah, work can sometimes be a doozy, but I have to always tell myself: i have a job. some people do not. oh yeah, and a paycheck is coming. ;)

    that pizza looked delish! i hope you have a grand day...i'm off to see the accounting tutor....


  15. Holy hail, Batman, those are HUGE! Hope they didn't do very much damage!

    Thanks for linking up, Dusty!