Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I usually do some fabulous fashion post on Wednesday. I link up with a few good chicks, show you my Pinterest findings and you can goo and ga over them. I do this because I am still kinda chicken to do self photos of my outfits and today, well was no exception. I was frump girl. But I thought I would describe and illustrate what I wore (really on Tuesday.)

Top: Gap T-shirt that I have had for years. I put it on this morning, got deodorant on the side and ended up with a cream sweater that I got from JCP.
Jeans: Old Navy size 6 but should have been a size 8. Pretty tight in the thighs. I walked around like a wood leg pirate and thank gawd I had on a sweater because I think I might have had camel toe and my belly was hanging over after lunch of mac-n-cheese.
Socks: Brown and boring
Underwear: Granny panties in the color purple all cotton Haynes Her Way thank you very much. Remember No Thong Zone for me. If your unfamiliar or new clink link and you will see why
Bra: Old as dirt. Offers no support. Pretty sure there are little elastic pieces poking out.
Belt: Target. I know black and brown are a no no but I had on the sweater remember, no one could see
Shoes: Tree hugger brown slip-ons. I hate them with a passion because they hurt my flat ass feet, but I was in a hurry this morning and just slipped them on. I don't feel like hugging any trees when I wear them.
Hair: Fab. I got my roots stimulated this weekend and eye brow wax so I feel like a woman again.

So since I am still a bock bock, I thought I would illustrate my outfit. That way when you are looking at what you wore thinking you were fab..this will make you feel even better. 

as you can see from the front view I think this is the casual look

side view 
I didn't draw in camel toe

So this is what I wore Wednesday really Tuesday. Feel free to cut these out and play paper dolls with your daughters and explain that real women have curves or that's what all the magazines say. I say it's a winding road. 

Happy Wednesday Beauties!


  1. Hahaha great post, love the drawings, you've got some talent there! The side view is hilarious.
    Found your lovely blog via whatever whenever wednesday.

  2. oH.mY.gOOD.LORD. Hahahahahahaa. Dusty. Only you. You are too Fantastic!! That drawing is Amazing Girl.

  3. Love this. And just read your No Thong post. Hahah. You had me cracking up over here.

  4. Oh my goodness gracious!! I am sitting here at work trying not to laugh too too loud!!! You are cracking me up girl! I wish I could draw that good :)
    Happy Wednesday!

  5. loving the fluffy booty!!
    and LOVE this post.
    xx jes

  6. Love it! The illustration just makes it even better. Too funny.

  7. That is hilarious I think I wore the same thing. - Xo

  8. haha! I love this post Dusty! I always get deodorant on whatever I'm wearing!

  9. Bahaha! Love the outfit, I have to get one for myself. Great booty!

  10. I love the outfit!! hahahahaha

  11. Hilarious! Love your blog!

    new follower :)

  12. so funny, girl :) i totally get how you felt - i've been sick and frump girl this week too!

  13. I hope I look this fabulous someday! I LOVE that you stepped out of the box with this outfit post :)

  14. Haha! LOVE funny, and refreshing actually:). I've been a super frump lately, so thanks for sharing!

  15. Nice booty my dear! Hopefully one day I'll have a fine behind like that!

  16. This is by far the BEST what I wore, ever.

    Can I be your shadow?