Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Color Block This

Ok, so Wednesday's are normally my fashion, beauty and everything girly days. I am a magazine addict. I am obsessed with Hunter boots.. Addict and Obsession, I am justifying a difference (work with me). So, Since January I have bought a ton of mags usually on Sunday when I go to the place I loathe, the grocery, I pick up a new one. I actually had to cut back on my consumption because I felt guilty for all the paper and the poor trees. But I do my part, I pass them along to someone else to throw away so I don't feel so bad. Continuing on... None of the magazines have been worth a flip in my opinion. But I have a pretty classic style. I don't venture outside my box too often. I am a belle and its hard for me to pair stripes and polka dots together, but I am working on it. 

One of the trends I seem to have a slight problem with is color blocking. When I first heard it I thought of the wooden blocks my kid used to play with as a baby and that I threw away promptly after stepping on them repeatedly (those bitches hurt). Hmmm, that maybe why he has problems spelling and gosh, terrible again, I didn't recycle wood.

I am not a neon kind of girl. Although Shannon sent me a pic of some lime green Hunters yesterday, ummm love! But purple and orange together, pink and orange, red and yellow. It just seems like I should be doing an exercise on color association in a psychiatrists office to see if I need to be committed. I am not saying I don't like it. I am just saying that I am not sure I could pull it off, but I am digging some things. So here it is...

these shoes could seriously change my mind on the trend
I dig them...alot

I would be more apt to do this and am seriously thinking about it
for a party I have to go to this weekend
note to self, spray tan
and chop off her legs and glue to my body

I like this but I fear of looking like a Christmas tree package
just add a bow

this is the one area I totally love the color blocking idea
a mix matched bikini
what a bod, i hope her face is ugly

So, what do you think of the trend? I know, I am a little behind on this topic. Every fashion blog from here to France has posted about it, but I am too busy being funny people. 

All images are found on my Pinterest. I hope you "blocked" out a little time to give me your thoughts. I would love some inspiration from my friends.
Color me bad!


  1. HOLY MOTHA - have you ever stepped on a lego because those kill. I like the color blocking - sometimes - I agree with the whole mix & match bikini, I don't think that could go too wrong, but there are just some colors that DO NOT go together. It's still to early to think about which colors those might be but I'll tweet it to you later.

  2. I'm more of a taupe kind of a girl. But if I had that last girl's body, I would wear anything. Or nothing.

  3. Um I've seen those shoes on pinterest before and I love them. And I know that girl is a butterface. There's no way anyone should be allowed to have that body and a nice face too. Probably why her head is cut off.

  4. I personally feel like a construction worker if I wear neon. It's not for me. I haven't really gotten into color blocking either, I guess I'm just boring? I like to know that what I have in my closet is gonna last a while, and not look silly next month. Those wedges are fabulous though. They make color blocking look less odd.

  5. I love your picks on the trend. I can't really do it either, but it does look good on others!

    Ps, I loooove Marion from marionberry! She has great style.

  6. I want those shoes. I am so obsessed with teal it's a sickness. I want that girl's boobs.

  7. I'm on the fence about the whole color blocking thing too. It looks good when I see them on someone else, but not sure if I could pull it off. I do brown and blue, and black and that color blocking or am I really reaching here?! And yes, we all know the bikini girl's face is jacked - she can't be skinny, pretty AND a good color-blocker all in one package!

  8. I have tried my hand at a few color blocked outfits but I definitely need to head out of my comfort zone and buy more bold colored options. I love everything out there right now but honestly I haven't shopped for clothes in FOREVER! and I mean it!

  9. i actually really like the red and pink outfit. it doesn't look like christmas at all.

    at all.

    christmas is red and green, locks. is that how they roll in TN?

  10. Remember that one time you said, red & yellow.. how they don't go? THEY DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dusty, lets hang out, tonight.

  11. OK Those shoes are cute...craft shoes are not.

  12. Those are great! That bathing suit is my favorite :)

  13. Okay next time use pictures with at least normal looking girls. You know it's all about my self-esteem right?

  14. I like the look of pink & red together and the pink & yellow but I don't think it's a trend that I'd wear. I think I'd feel too bright & look at me!!!

    you can totally wear stripes & dots it's all about finding the right pieces that work for you. I say go for it!!

  15. I am NOT eating breakfast, lunch or dinner for the next three days after some of these pictures...and I am with you...I know that girl's face in the bikini has gotta be f-ugly...anything to make me feel better. I am so on board the color block train...makes putting outfits together much worries about matching!

  16. Love color blocking! Love the shoes, the outfits, the bathing suit... LOVE it all!

  17. Hahahaha, "I hope her face is ugly!" Me too, girl! Me too!! So not fair!

  18. Ugh I have been eyeing those shoes, they keep popping up everywhere and I want them so so bad!!

  19. OHMYGOODNESS! OHMYGOODNESS! You have my Marion on your blog. Isn't she gorgeous? Yeah...she's my friend, like in real life, not just blogger life. You should TOTALLY do that for your party this weekend! And those heels you're in love with...HOT!

  20. Aww, seeing this totally made my day! Thanks for including my look :-) And I agree with you and all the comments above...the chick in the bikini has gotta be a complete butter face.

    Love your blog btw. You are hilarious...
    XO - Marion

  21. Um, those shoes are awesome, but I'm pretty sure I would fall on my face walking in them. And your comment about the girl in the bikini's face made me laugh, and then agree, that she best be ugly.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  22. color blocking is hot. I mostly just am commenting because you said you hope that bikini models face is ugly. I hope that too or there's no hope for any of us.