Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hot Tamale ..A Sweet Southern Mess

It's another Hot Tamale Thursday! I am loving this series. This week I have the adorable Anna from A Sweet Southern Mess. Anna is my adopted kid. Actually, I know how old she is so she could probably be my real kid as old as I am. She is delightful. I remember reading her blog for the first time thinking how sweet and wise she was for such a young age. This girl will go places, I don't doubt it for a second. I hope she never doubts herself because I think she's awesome and you will too. I remember telling her to blog for herself and no one else and her blog is growing. Enjoy friends and show Anna some love won'tcha?

Well hello to all of Dusty's lovely readers! My name is Anna and I am so very thankful for Dusty having me here today for my a guest post!! I blog about life and all of its happenings and findings at A Sweet Southern Mess so stop on by for all of the sweetness and sweet mess!

Here are a few things about me, myself, and the life behind the blog!

1. I am an Elementary Education major for a K-6 license! I am absolutely in love with teaching and cannot wait to have my own classroom soon! I have a 1.5 semesters of classes and student teaching left along with 5 praxis and an exit exam so wish me luck!

2. There is someone in my life that you will read about all the time. He is the love of my life, my boyfriend of the past 2 and a half years, and my best friend! His name is Kyle and he is such a wonderful person. I am truly blessed to have him in my life and I can’t wait to spend forever with him.

3. No matter what, I am ALWAYS thinking about food! It has to be a big problem eventually but it’s not right now. Thank you high metabolism! I love trying new foods, cooking, and baking!

4. I also love to make things. I have a Pinterest but that is not where I get all of my inspiration from. I love to craft, paint, and sew…even though I’m not very good at it! There is just something about being crafty and making such amazing products that sends me into a fit of happiness! Follow me if you wish!

5. I am a Catholic convert and I absolutely love everything about being Catholic. I try my hardest to be a good Catholic and pray even harder. God is my everything and I do everything through him and with his guidance.

6. I love all animals. Especially the baby ones! They are all so precious! I wish that I could have my own zoo! (A little extreme I know)

7. I have a pet turtle named Sparky Budroe McGuire. I made a video of him! :) Yes, he has Kyle's last name. It just fit better than mine. I've had him for well over a year and love him dearly! He was the size of a half dollar when I got him and now he is bigger than a Whopper from Burger King!

8. I have an obsession with organizing and cleaning. I cannot function in my room without it being cleaned and organized in a certain way. Problematic at some crucial times, yes, but at least I'm not the exact opposite and a huge slob!

9. I love being from Tennessee and all that being southern entails! Camo, sweet tea, fried foods, fishing/hunting, and bless your heart! It's all me and I wouldn't have it any other way!

10. I was a cheerleader for 5 years and a gymnast for 7 years. I loved every second of it. I wish I could still cheer now but I had a bad injury and all that is over now. Just so you know, ripping your hamstring is the worst pain anyone can ever go through.

11. I absolutely love to blog! I love making new friends and sharing all of my exciting and eventful life happenings. I feel some sort of release when I blog and to see comments from my followers saying that they agree or understand is so thrilling to me. I went through a phase where it was hard for me to be accepted and I hated it. I started blogging and realized that there were more people in this world than the ones that will bring me down.

12. Speaking of, I will blog about very profound things occasionally. I love to share quotes, theories on life, and what I'm feeling. I am only 22 but I have had a life full of experiences. I want to make a difference in the world and I don't want a single soul to experience the heartache that I have in the recent past.

13. I love to cook. Did I mention that already? Oh my gosh I love to cook! Partially because I love to eat but I also love to cook for others! Kyle loves it too, of course.

14. My TV is always on The Weather Channel, Disney Channel, or ABC Family. I'm a girl of variety I know.

Contact me any way you desire!

See isn't she awesome? Umm, yes I thought so. Click her link above or over in the side bar and take a peak. Thank you Anna for sharing your story and best wishes on everything you dream! I love ya!

There's more Hot Tamale's to come. I have some great posts coming up in the next week, so stick around. You don't want to miss them and if you would like to take part in the series just send me an email.

Happy Thursday,


  1. I agree, Anna is so sweet! Loved reading more about you Miss Anna!! Food is a fabulous thing. :)

  2. I have a slight (huge) obsession with organization too!! Gah it's stressing me out looking at my messy desk right now...

  3. her and i will get along great because she thinks about food all the time. i just know it.

  4. Don't you just love Pinterest? It's my addiction!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. "I have an obsession with organizing and cleaning. I cannot function in my room without it being cleaned and organized in a certain way." - Oh Anna, you better be following y'all can bond over being clean freaks.

  6. Thank you so much Dusty for this sweet post!! You have helped me more than you realize and I'm so happy that I took your advice and remembered that I live for me! You are wonderful and I wouldn't be anyone else's adopted kid for all of the cupcakes in the world! :)
    Love ya!

  7. I just found your blog, and I like it! I am your newest follower ;)


  8. all you need to know is, i ate 4 oreo cakesters while readng this and thought, "thank god for high metabolism", too.

    i'm so ashamed.

  9. Aww her post was so sweet. I'll have to check out her blog :)