Friday, April 27, 2012

It's a wrap

This week seemed to go on forever. I was sick and still don't feel great but I am getting there. I thought I would give you the end of the week wrap up and wish you a wonderful weekend. I will be catching up on my blog friends since I have had no energy to do jack squat. 

Worthless guard dog #1, Mille
while I was sick she provided no comfort what so ever 
she's kind of a beast

Worthless guard dog #2 Libby Lou
she actually laid on the couch with me most of the day Monday
then snuck off to make out with Scooby

bored out of my gourd
I decided I wanted to attempt the buzzer thing everyone is wearing on their heads
so I did a little research found a tutorial
and rolled my hair in a sock
after 18 times I almost perfected it and it gave me a perfect look at the 
color my hair stylist does on my hair 

I attempted to Skype with these beautiful girls
but for some reason I couldn't get a good connection
I did at one time or another get to see some of them for 5.2 seconds  
long enough to hear my redneck voice, cuss out Skype and not get to see Sharks or Tucker
this was before beautiful McKaila dialed in and we missed 
Jamie hopefully next time we can all connect
and I was yucky on Sunday I missed my chat with Shay (next time my friend)
I hope they still love me 
Oh, and do you notice anything?
Aren't they the best Farrah's ever (well Justyn, she's doing her best full frontal Farrah!)

and when I got back to the grind
the office appreciated me with this bouquet of flowers
and a $50 dollar Visa gift card
Happy Administration Day to all!

So there you have it. I have thoughts pondering for next week. Thank you to my sissy, Justyn for the Hot Tamale post this week and to all the well wishes.

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Glad to hear your feeling better!! I'm sure the flowers and gift card helped! I don't think labs are meant to be guard dogs..mine would slobber you to death before he'd do anything else!

  2. Those puppies of yours are so dang cute. Hope you're back to 100% soon. Just think of us Farrahing at you, you'll feel better.

  3. Just keeping adding more cheese to everything and you'll feel better soon, Farrah. I just know it. Just don't let Libs take it. xo

  4. buzzer thing = awesome. libby lou and scooby = i feel like you should have given them a little privacy. gah. come on. and i need a yellow lab pronto.

  5. Love the bun. Pets can sometimes be so useless. I know mines is often.

  6. We will make it happen Dusty! Maybe we'll just have Jes hold a picture of you up and then have you call in, hahaha! Like imaginary wednesdays, we'll have imaginary Dusty day!

  7. ahhhhh the sock bun! I really want to try but I am so impatient and my hair is SO THIN (hate it) so do you think it would work for me?? Maybe I will try roaring Friday night huh?? And so awesome you got appreciated at work! Must have felt so good :-). Glad you are feelin better and hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!

  8. Glad you're on the mend! :) I'm going to try the sock bun this weekend so we'll see if my redneck cussing makes an appearance haha

  9. Just found your blog and glad I did!

  10. I didn't know you were sick! Poor sissy!!! And I'm upset that my "farrah" face is more like a shocked - possibly inebriated - face. ALSO my shirt in that picture says "SURE THING" - which is a lie.
    xxoxoxoxxxxxxxxxoxoooxoxxxoxoxxxxxx <- because i can.

  11. Oh man, well stop being sick and enjoy life! Got it? As tough as our dogs may not be, they are cute?

  12. rest up this weekend mama! Xo

  13. I've sorry you've been sick! Hope this weekend gets you feeling better! Your bun looks fabulous.

  14. Woofers are too cute (even if useless). The "sock bun" took me forever to master, until I bought a hair donut from Sally's. It looks like something you'd use to wash your dishes, but it grips the hair better. That is the only hair tip you get for today. Feel bettah (you see what I did there?)

  15. LOL at your "worthless" dogs. I've concluded that mine suck sometimes too. I initially got a dog as a watchdog (I was a single girl living it made sense). Well, I didn't do much research on breads and chose a beagle. He sleeps all day and only moves for food. Seriously, people walk into my place and he will just move his eyes..keeping his body still. Worst.watchdog.ever.
    Anyway, hope you are feeling better girl!
    XO - Marion

  16. Your doggys are so so sweet! Good for cuddling and not much else I bet :) And dang your sock bun looks good! I wish I had enough hair to do that with!!! Happy weekend lady!

  17. Busy McBusiton! Love it! Hope the rest of your weekend was super fab! :)

  18. Of course I still love you, a skype session soon. I need to hear you, I have to.. I have to. Asthma or effing not. it will happen.