Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hot Tamale ..Mrs. Independent

Hot Tamale Thursday. Allow me to introduce Jamie from Mrs. Independent. This girl is a total whackjob but in a good way. She's absolutley hilarious! She came over here, I went over there and the rest is history. WE have the same sense of humor (and probably secretly cuss like sailors). Now we tweet like beasts and I am pretty sure that if we ever did meet and go out; bail money could be in order. I am positive we would shut the town down, ask stupid questions like "excuse me do you have any Grey Poupon?" and then sleep for 2 days afterwards. I love this girl. So away we roll...

Oh well HELLO der.

When Dusty asked me to do a “Hot Tamale” post I was honored and overjoyed!...then I started sharting my sweatpants. What was I going to write about? It’s a funny thing in blogland: I have no problem showing my fat ace for the world to see in my “OOTD” posts, but I have a REALLY hard time writing about myself.

I think I found Dusty through Jes at Two Smuppies. I read this entry first and about died laughing. You see, I had been wandering the blog world aimlessly like a lost sheep. I couldn’t 100% relate to any of the posts I was reading on a daily basis. ENTER: DUSTY. That bish rode in like a miracle on a webpage. I totally related to her honesty, sense of humor, and her relationship with Fluffy. Through her, I’ve met so many great {relatable} bloggers!

Anywhoozle, I guess we’ll start with the “get to know you” basics:
 * I’m a lady, 26-years young.
 * Technically a military wife, I fight {or encourage, depending on the day} the white trash mil-wife stereotype.
 *  I originally hail from Cape Cod, MA but I’ve been away for so long I don’t have the sweet BahStahn accent everyone raves about.
 * I used to be gainfully employed, but work and I broke up so I could finally finish my 7-year bachelors of science.
 * I’m moving to Seattle this June and I’m thrilled for the weather, er, to discover a new city.
 *  I have a sick, long-standing obsession with office supplies and have to stay away from (crack)Staples.
* I spend way too much time every day taking silly pictures of my dogs, tweeting raunch to Dusty and watching trash TV.
* I own over 250 eye shadows. I REALLY like cosmetics.

My blog is mix of topics that I find interesting {and hopefully someone else does too?}. One of the things that held me back from starting a blog for so long was the genre. Is this lifestyleCookingLong storiesCrappy jokes? Well, my {future} amigos, it is all that and more. When I’m feeling smart, you’ll get a DIY or “making life easy” post. If I have blog block, you may end up with a corny video. 

You'll have plenty of opportunities to see me spin in circles because "modeling" was boring me. 

You still there? I thought you might be. 


 I fully encourage stalking - any creeper of Dusty's is a creeper of mine! Grab a snack, an adult bevvy, an extra set of undies, and come visit le blogTwitterPinterest, and oh yeah Instagram too. 

See what did I tell ya? She rocks! Go over and show her some love, follow her, stalk her, do it like she said above. You won't regret it. Thank you, my crazy friend. We are going to be stuck with each other for a long while I am afraid. 

Have a great Thursday everyone and be sure to send me line if you want to be a Hot Tamale feature, or I may just ask you anyway.



  1. Crappy jokes eh...why are Pirates so mean? Cuz they just Argh!!! haha!! Hello again Jamie or uh good morning! Have fun in Seattle, love that city!

  2. aww I like her! I'm going over to be her friend...right now!

  3. Hi. I love you both. We need to have an adult bevvy Skype sesh maybe.

  4. I can't wait for that whack job to move to the pacific northwest.
    Also, I agree with the Bung above me. Adult bevvy Skype sesh. I like it.

  5. Adult bevvy Skype sesh it is!! When are you all available?

  6. "we are going to be stuck with eachother for a long while i'm afraid" hahaha. so funny.

    we'll, you know i'm goign to go check her out, right? i mean, i've never heard a SINGLE blogger use the phrase, "i sharted in my sweat pants".

  7. "Sharting my sweatpants" that's great! Can I join in on this adult bevvy skype sesh please?!

  8. In Dusty's words - well arn't you hot snot?

  9. Oh my hell.. she totally reminds me of Dusty.. Or jamie, you totally remind me of Dusty, except she uses real swear words. I'm proud of both of you either way.

    Sharting sweatpants? Do it every day.

  10. Dude (and I don't use that word lightly)...freaking hilarious! LOVE IT!

  11. stalker, OMG, that is soooo funny!