Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Must Have

Wednesday are fun. They are my days to fictitiously dream about what I would look like in a super cool outfit or be made up like a drag queen. I know I would be tall with boobage. Perfect beachy waved hair with super white teeth. But who are we kidding. That's why I said fictitiously dream. All I know is I could go in a Sephora or an Ulta store, stay all day and come out looking and smelling like a french whore.

I love it when a magazine says that these are the "MUST HAVES" of the season. Well, if I must have them, why are you not giving them to me for free? Duh! Agree? 

So here are my "must haves" but really are just things I must lust after.

I have been lusting after this must have for a long while but at $50 smacks my eyes will just have to have a twinkle in them because unless this goes on sale..this is a big fat shimmering I don't think so.

We all have read about Nars Orgasm blush, right? I actually had it at one time but I ordered it off Ebay and I don't think it was the actual color or it was old as dirt because it looked like crap on me. But I still would like to give it another whack (get it Orgasm/whack). I use a $5 dollar blush that is a knock off of this color and at $30 smacks, I am knocking it out of the park.

I know what your thinking, Dusty and another lip gloss. Well, people closest to me that's what they are thinking. I have an obsession with it. I found this peachy pink in Juno. I also like the color Fresno too. Do you think if I had it, it would take me to those places? Probably not, but its affordable as my lip gloss standards go. I paid $40 for Chanel lip gloss once. I still have it too in a gold plated box. 

If you fake bake it like I do or at least try to, this stuff is the bomb dot com. I seriously have been waiting to use that phrase since I started blogging and wa-la! I use the lotion form of this as well and it is amazing. No orange color at all and it gives you a very pretty cocoa brown color. It also lasts for more than 3 days. The best thing about St. Tropez is they have this lotion that you can rub on your hands and it will remove all the dark palms and if you mess up a spot will take it right off. I keep the packets of it in stock. I highly recommend this product. It's a little prices at $30 smacks, but well worth it.

So if I had all of these products I would be rocking the casaba. And I am sure these "must haves" will be in my pile of things eventually. But I say to all these product makers, send them to me will ya? Sure would be nice and I promise to love you forever.

What are your "MUST HAVES" for summer. Fill me in. I am sucker for lotions, potions and everything in between. Tell me your lip gloss go too!

Happy Wednesday Beauties,


  1. I'm going to trend bomb dot com today. My MUST HAVE or current obesession is BABY LIPS chapstick by maybelline. It's amazing sissy you must try it.

  2. You make me laugh! Too funny! Everytime I've ever used I giggle at myself and think "I should probably retire that phrase" but I don't, and every single time it comes out of my keyboard or my mouth I laugh. Thank you for using it and keeping it alive too. LOL!

    xo Kayla

  3. $40 for lip gloss. you are lucky i didn't just delete your blog from my favorites. soooo lucky.

  4. I've used the Nars Orgasm blush for about 5 years. Can't use anything else now! I love it that much. And I really want that Naked set but it is so dang expensive.

  5. Oh my gosh, Tiff's comment just blew me out of the water. So funny.

    I refuse to spend a lot of money, I like everyone to see every blemish, every wrinkle, every mild age spot, I like them to see my pasty white skin shine through cheap ass makeup. because I am sexy.

    Oh Dusty, my friend.. I'm cheap. Like that french whore you're talkin' about. Only I don't smell like cigs.

  6. i only ever really splurge on eyeliner and eyeshadow. and chapstick. well, shit, i guess i splurge more than i think. i think i should go to sephora and complain and see if i can get us some free stuff?

  7. i have never used Nars but I'm seeing it everywhere lately, i need to try it! i have to be cost conscious, but there are DEF items that are worth splurging on! and shiz, we live once, right! great picks Dusty!

  8. You know about me and my cosmetics "problem". Sign up to be a Sephora VIB and you'll get a nifty 20% off code a few times a year. STOCK UP :)

  9. Girl, I promise, the Naked palette is so worth it...the shadows last FOREVER and they are colors that go with everything. I swear, I use mine everyday. Urban Decay has the best shadows ever! just do it!!

  10. oh man, i actually loved this post. hahaha.

    you're a funny girl, locks.

    go to's? for real. i swear by only 2 things that i have that make me look good. TWO. the rest? i'm figuring out. i don't have a favorite lotion, or gloss, or blush or what not. although shay and i decided that the neon mascara is best.

    you know the kind. the cheap-o stuff.

    ok, i'll tell you my 2 secrets that make even my ruined skin glow. (seriously, people tell me that and i'm not even prego). 1-fit me foundation by maybelline. i swear by it. 2-physicians formula pressed powder translucent. ugh....flawless, flawless skin.

    you can buy both at wally world.

  11. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)

  12. SEPHORA -drools- I love that store, if I ever become a millionaire it'll be my first stop. I must admit though, my must-have doesn't even come from there... it's my blue Gosh mascara. Best. Mascara. Ever.


  13. Since I have a lifetime supply of Mary Kay, that seems to be my entire "must-have" collection until I'm 225. But I did spring for the Garnier BB cream last week... It's ok. Not quite worth the $12 price tag, but I'm ridiculously cheap.

    The one thing I can't live without though is suave conditioner. Like I said, I'm cheap. I use it to moisturize my swimming-destroyed hair, AND for shaving. I'm kinda a boy like that, I use the same products for everything.

  14. Both of the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palettes or on my wish list!

  15. I have heard great things about all of these -- especially the blush. I have gone to Sephora to buy it like 10 times but I always leave without it because WHOA $$$! I bet it's worth it though. It's gotta be better than the Wet N Wild I currently use! Ha!

  16. Love me some Naked materials. :)
    I love following your blog. Seriously. Come stop by!
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  17. I want the Naked eye shadow so so bad! I have heard really great things. Also, all about the sunless tanner :)