Tuesday, May 8, 2012

For Walter

This blog is going to be serious today. Yes, normally I am full of useless knowledge but today I want to tell you a story. If you have been following my Twitter feed you will see tweets and retweets about Walter. If you haven't heard or read already that Walter is a five year old Cockapoo dog that was severally neglected, starved and tossed out a car window here in Nashville, Tennessee. I, like thousands, have basically been affected by such a horrible sick story so much so I cry or my eyes well up with tears every time I read an update. 
Walter sleeping you see he has a feeding tube

He was rescued and taken to Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue and a team of vets have been called in to try and save this sweet creature they named after the councilman that discovered him on the side of the road. He was so severally neglected that they couldn't not even tell the sex of Walter until he was shaved from his fur being so matted and filthy. And I won't even post the pictures of what he looked like when they brought him in.

I am a huge animal lover. At one time we had 5 labs, a cat and 2 fish. We love our animals like they are our children. Some of the labs we have rescued which is why this touches my heart. You see our sweet Libby Lou, worthless guard dog #2 was rescued. A couple had bought her for their young daughter and where then told they couldn't have her at the place they were to reside. They were going to have her euthanized when my uncle heard the story and took her, brought her back to Tennessee and my cousin Rachel called me and said, uh, Daddy has something you might want. One look and she reminded me of our beloved Amber who had passed away 7 years ago. I was in love. I picked her up at my cousin's daughters birthday party and she is now 2 years old. Turns out she is the smartest yellow Labrador and the baby of our family, although sometimes a pain in our ass. We gave her a life that she would have never had even though she pretty much runs the house, I don't know what we would do without her.

Libby Lou the day I brought her home
the beast Mille isn't thrilled

I am so angry and ashamed that any human being would do this to an animal. I would rather set a human on fire than to hurt an animal period the end. I often yearn for a farm to have many more animals and even to help rescue them, but I know that my heart would be so attached and wouldn't be able to let them go which is why I am probably not in some type of field that deals with these wonderful beings. They are loyal and love their owners even when we don't want play or pay attention, but to hurt or neglect an animal in my book isn't acceptable. 

I am obsessed with daily updates of Walter. I stalk Snooty Giggles facebook page if for only a glimpse of his little face. To know that he's still alive yet not out of the woods for he is half his body weight at five years old. I leave messages knowing that they probably don't get read but I don't care. My heart is attached not only to the story but a living soul. So many people have sent him love and messages and the actress, Ashley Judd has donated her money and time to pay for all of his medical expenses. I personally wish I could do something, so by getting the word out to stop animal abuse is my option.

This blog post isn't to be recognized. It's for Walter and Libby and all of the other animals that are being hurt by some fucker (so sorry I couldn't help it) who do not ever deserve the love and loyalty of an animal. If you see this or are in a position you can't care or love that animal the way it should be loved then, please find someone who will love it, or a no kill shelter that will find a good home for him or her. 

Walter and his stuff bear to help cushion his fragile body
that is in pain from starvation and injuries

You can read the story of Walter and find out up dates by clicking the links below. For me, please leave him some well wishes. Love your babies every day, they are just like us. They deserve time, attention and respect for they are loyal to you.

Show the love today,


  1. Thank you for this! Animal abuse really is a serious problem, and one that a lot of people seem to consider unimportant. It warms my heart to see that there are indeed others who want to protect our faithful companions


  2. i have to be honest, i could not even make it through this post. i was crying before i even read the first paragraph.
    yesterday i saw a dog walking along the busy highway. i pulled over and tried to save him amd almost got hit while doing so. he wouldn't come to me. i watched him trot away, got back in my car, and cried. i prayed (and cried) all the way to work. i would risk my life for a dog. i do NOT understand animal cruelty.
    i love you, Walter. Thinking of you.

  3. i knew i had to take a deep breath before reading this.
    i love this walter terribly now. these pictures break my dog obsessed heart.
    and i love that picture of mille and lou.

  4. Oh...I didn't see/hear about this :( So terrible. I don't understand human beings sometimes. It's absolutely disgusting and I wish there were a way to find out who would do such an awful thing. Thank you for posting, I will now be wondering how poor Walter is!! Ugh. so sad.

  5. Great post Dusty. Well written and said. Hurting defenseless animals is beyond me. I don't have a FB, but I will am sending love vibes to Walter in Nashville, from Oregon. Poor baby. My eyes are filling with tears.

  6. This makes my heart hurt. I wish I could adopt a million animals, but Andy said I would be homeless if I did that.

  7. Such a good post. I seriously teared up seeing little Walter's face. He looks like such a kind soul. I am with you 110% on not understanding how people can hurt an innocent and defenseless animal. My Palmer (he's my 6 month old beagle) was abandoned on a farm in southern Colorado 5 miles from any civilization. Only he and his brother survived (the rest of his siblings died). It makes me so mad. But at least he has a good home now...

    Thanks for sharing Walter's story girl...
    XO - Marion

  8. Thank you for sharing (as I swallow the frog in my throat). I have such a soft spot for animals and get very emotional learning of neglect and abuse. I think it stems from the fact that animals are so helpless. They can't tell you to stop or ask for food or let you know they are in pain. If I could, I would adopt 10 dogs and give them the same unconditional love that they so willingly offer. Praying for Walter!! So glad he is so loved and no longer in such a bad place

  9. This completely breaks my heart. I want to leave work (yes I'm sneaking your blog at work, feel special) and go hug my puppies extra tight. I can't understand why people do such horrible things.

  10. Abuse to any animal absolutely infuriates me! I won't lie, my Diesl boy makes me nuts sometimes, but I'd NEVER EVER do anything to him to intentionally harm him. He is the closest thing I have to a kid, and I couldn't imagine my life without him. Thank you for sharing this...

  11. Truer words have never been written. Abuse in any form is horrible. Dogs, cats, birds, etc. are no exception to the rule.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. I hadn't heard of Walter yet. Now I will also be a crazy stalker to see his cute face, and make sure that he is alive and well. I know you know, but I am as crazy dog lady as they come. I like you, treat my dog like she is my baby, because she is. She is a part of our family, she has a soul, a heart, a personality and I truly love her even when she is a huge pain in the ass or farts and wakes me up from a deep sleep. Mostly, I am really glad that you wrote this post, because no matter how small the voice is or how big it is. IT IS SO important that people care, and get the word out.

  13. OMG.. i saw your tweets of walter..just breaks my heart that people can be this damn rude/evil to an innocent animal who cant defend themselves. I am in the same boat as you, i would rather kill a human than an animal..I have no idea why, but I have ALWAYS been like that. THat is why I couldnt be a vet, I cant put animals down. it breaks my heart too much. I pray that walter recovers 100% & lives his life to the best he can!! he deserves it. I just rescued a puppy that was going to the pound a few weeks ago.. people are damn evil. I have always said that if people can abuse animals than we should let them starve & throw them out a window to see how it feels.. thats just me though!!

    thank you for sharing!!

    please keep us updated too!!

    Happy Tuesday

  14. Absolutely breaks my heart. Thank you for sharing Walter's story. I hope that whomever did this to him rots in HELL. Seriously, people are freaking sick, whack jobs. All animals want in life is to be loved...not too much to ask for in my opinion.

  15. Bawling. Both of my dogs are rescues that had a LOT of issues when I got them. Thank you for sharing.

  16. This just breaks my heart. Animals are so unbelievably special that I, like you, can't imagine some sick freak doing this to a poor, helpless animal. Walter of course will be in my prayers. He is the most adorable pup ever, I wish I could give him some love. I'm going to kiss and love on my pup now.

  17. Stories like this break my heart and make me want to track down the disgusting human being that would do something like this to a defenseless animal. My baby dog is a rescue and she was a matted, abandoned mess when they found her, but she has turned into the most spoiled rotten, sassy little dog you can imagine. There is hope for these forgotten animals, and I'm so glad you are spreading the word about poor Walter. I'm sure people are lining up to take him in when he's ready. Thanks for sharing.

  18. This story is breaking my heart. We have five cats right now that are all rescues, and have in the past taken in hamsters and a guinea pig that needed to be rescued. How anyone can mistreat animals is beyond me. I'm your newest follower. Thank you so much for sharing Walter's story.

  19. There is a special place in hell for the following:
    -anyone who harms a child.
    -Casey Anthony
    -anyone who would be so cruel to an animal

  20. I still can't wrap my head around animal abuse... or any abuse for that matter. Sometimes people can be sick.

  21. somehow I've missed your updates on Walter. I am in tears right now though because like you, I love little fur babies and I can't stand the thought of people hurting them. I can't even watch that damn Sarah McLaughlin commerical anymore! Poor Walter!

  22. I had not heard this story, but my love and thoughts go out to Walter. I hope that he pulls through, and comes out the other side a loveable dog with a forever home.

  23. This is so sad. I'm a animal lover do this touches home a bit. I wish animal abuse didn't exist. Ugh