Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In The Bucket

Everyone has a bucket list in there life. No we probably don't always set down and say this is the stuff I wish to do or have before I croak, but at one time or another everyone says "I want to do this or that." I was thinking about all I want to accomplish or do. So here's my bucket list. I know I probably won't do most of these but it sure is fun to dream right?

1. Be a good mother!

2. Move to the Cape Cod area. I want to retire in a quaint town where I can see the ocean and smell the air. Ride a bike to the grocery and set out on my porch with the breeze. I want to have a little cottage and eat seafood.

3. Own a boutique. Maybe this is what I will do later on in life after I move to Cape Cod. A little store filled with salvaged treasures and cool clothes with my own creations. I love salvaged,vintage pieces whether it be furniture or clothing. 

4. Go to Italy. I want to have all the food and bread a girl can eat. Then after I have taken in enough red sauce to have acid reflux for days then I will go see the sites.

5. Be published in a magazine. 

6. Go to New York and attend Fashion Week. I will probably see New York before I see fashion week but it would be so fun and hip to set in an audience and see all the designers even though I can't afford a thing. I would also like to see New York at Christmas, skate in Rockefeller Center and then visit the Hamptons.

7. Meet Bon Jovi! I mean there's a little teenager inside all of us. Who doesn't want to hang out with a rock band. I did meet all the guys from Def Leppard once. That was pretty cool.

8. Take Ian to see a Yankees game. 

9. Learn to sew. My mother was teaching me but we got side tracked. But I would love to learn. I would be a pillow making beast.

10. Hug a panda. I love pandas. I just want someone to give it a little sleepy drug, I will run in kiss it, give it a hug and make like Speedy Gonzales out of there before it realizes I am bait. 

11. Learn to snow ski. I love snow and being from the South we don't see a ton of it. But I would love to stay in a cabin and snow ski.

12. Attend the Olympics. I love the games. I am so not athletic but I would love to see all the athletes competing and the reward for all their hard work.

So there's my bucket list. By most standards not really anything exciting. But I am a simple kind of girl. 

Do you have a bucket list? What's on your must do list before you kick the tin can?

Happy Tuesday,


  1. Number 2 sounds idyllic, I would like to do that also.
    Number 10 sounds adorable, my friends are travelling at the moment and they went to a panda sanctuary and saw pandas that were a couple of weeks old, cuteness!
    I'm going to Italy in a month, I'll eat enough for the both of us.
    I don't have a bucket list, I should make one.

  2. Ok, let's start planning our trip to Italy now :)

  3. when you learn to sew, teach me! It's a goal of mine. I don't want to be able to make a quilt or anything, just hem my pants. That's all. Oh and when you open your boutique, you better be having beetlejuice pants! hahaha LOVE YOU!

  4. Andy and I were just talking about our bucket lists the other day. I want to go bungee jumping. He says no.

  5. I don't have a bucket list, but after reading yours i need to start. and definitely some of the things you put on the list I would put on mine!!

  6. I actually DO have a bucket list. I have many things on the list- Paris, hot air balloon, helicopter over grand canyon, i also had sewing and fashion week.

  7. Um, I've always wanted to own a boutique at the Cape too! Seriously. Mine would be a clothing boutique though. Ours can be right next to each other!

    And once you move to the Cape, in the winters you can easily go skiing. And NY is not far. :)

    xo, Yi-chia

  8. Going to Italy/The Med is definitely high on my bucket list! I have a pretty decent list going and I should find it soon...

  9. good list you got there!

    i think my happy place would be somewhere in the mountains. I'm just not that into putting on a bathing suit nowadays.

    HOWEVER, if i looked like pam anderson, the beach it would be!!

  10. Let's plan THE wedding in Italy!!!! What do you say? Then we can go to NY Fashion Week and then hop on plane to the slopes after the big day!! Then, because we are now family, we can open up a boutique in Cape Cod!! DREAM BIG!!!

  11. Ahhh Cape Cod... always wanted to go there or some beachy town on the East Coast! And Italy too :-) its on my bucket list

  12. You have #1 perfected! :) You are an amazing Mom!

  13. Maybe we will be neighbors on the east coast and I will be your #1 customer at your boutique. And then we can go skiing together. And also attend NYFW because I obsess over it every year!

  14. lovely ideas! the boutique (well, mine would be a teashop <3) and (re)visiting Italy are definitely on mine as well :)

  15. I love your list. Also, I have taught snow skiing. Get your fluffy out here and I'll teach you =)

  16. You're the best Mom!

    Italy lets go!!

  17. So when are you coming to get sewing lessons? Or am I gonna have to come up there? No need for payment, well just booze and sew! I'm good at it! ;)

  18. #1, pppffftt, you've already got that accomplished!

  19. Closing and/or Opening Olympic Ceremony is TOTALLY on my list. We have plans with a huge crew to go to the 2018 winter games.

  20. I support you in all of this... except hugging a panda.

    I'd like you alive.

  21. lovely list! I'd love to go to the Olympics too!

  22. My take on your list:
    #1: checked off already.
    #2: sounds soooo blissful and wonderful. I will come visit you and sit on your porch.
    #10: ridiculously AWESOME!
    And the rest are super cool too!
    My problem...I don't even know what my "dream big" dreams are, so I don't really have a bucket list. Kind of pathetic, in my personal opinion.

  23. why is a bucket list called a bucket list? great post :)

  24. You should come out here ;) I'll take you skiing!!