Friday, February 3, 2012

Back in the Beginning

I have gained some awesome followers the last few weeks. I am one of those ding dongs that when I join a blog,  basically the whole weekend is spent going threw the whole kit n kaboodle. Well, maybe not every post but I will take a month pick a few posts, to get to know that person. So, I thought why wouldn't it be fun to give the newbies a quick wrap up of some of my favorite posts because in reality not everyone is a dork like me and wants to get to know everyone they read. But I am new myself, probably blogger naive and so just please let me live in this fantasy for a bit longer won't you?

Before I start, you will see on my blog I have categories. I file all my posts under one of these categories. If you click at the top, it will tell you what each category means, then you will understand why they are filed the way they are. 

So here are my top 5. Thank you everyone for following along. I have made some great friends even though I don't get to see or meet you in person. I love following your stories, fashion posts, recipes, beauty bits, inspirational words and everything in between.

My very first post. I had this in my head for weeks. I knew exactly what my first post would be.

This was a tragedy in itself

Although people will probably gasp..oh, how could she, its one of my best and I do like her BTW 

I read the story of this and cried my eyes out. I cannot tell you how much I love this story being an animal lover. I still look at it and my heart fills up with the hidden message of this that should be applied to friends of human kind.

One of my favorite fashion posts.

So there you have it. My top 5. Hope you enjoy and it intrigues you enough to read more. This is my shout out to all you fabulous bloggers out there! Big hugs and thank you for welcoming me into your world. 

Love you bunches,


  1. Popped over from Hollie's. <3FollowFriday. :)

  2. I do the same thing every time I join a blog - I want a feel of how the person is!

  3. You're so smart! Thanks for taking the leg work out of this for all us. I often just read the last few posts to get a feel - I wish I had more time to read more. Alas this idea is genius for new readers.
    {stopping by from #FF}

  4. I love your blog Dusty, I know I can come to it everyday and leave with a smile (or hysterically laughing!). I still love using the phrase, freezing my baugettes off haha

  5. Such a good idea! It was fun reading and getting to know you a bit more. I found you through holly's follow Friday :) hope you have a great weekend!!
    love. amy Lynn.

  6. I'm reading through them now! Thanks!

    New follower :)

  7. haha love these :) you're so cute, girl!

  8. great to glance back @ earlier posts! ;)

    :) I tagged you in my tag! Would you do me the honor of doing the tag!?

    Happy Saturday!

  9. Hi dearest! You know I couldn't stay away for long, especially after your kind words! I love your blog so much! This is a great post! I was tagged in a little game on my blog and guess what? I tagged you!! Check it out over at A Sweet Southern Mess!

  10. OMGOSH I'M A DING DONG TOO!! lol but seriously though I found your blog through thewiegands, and after that sentence about being a ding dong I promptly clicked "follow blog" and finished reading it haha.

  11. Popping by prom Hollies. I am absolutely loving your blog! I love your leg waxing post, i had the same experience! I dont understand how people can just "go get their legs waxed" it would take Valium for me to do it again.

     She's Got Heart{s}

  12. I'm going to be blog stalking the hell out of your blog. I feel AWESOME about it.

    Sadly, I am not an animal lover. I love them to stay away from me because I am straight up afraid of them, and I am also 5.